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Slipknot Stream New Track “The Devil In I”

Iowa metal band Slipknot have released a stream of “The Devil In I”, which comes from their upcoming as-yet-untitled fifth studio album.

The track has a very different sound from previous Slipknot songs that I’ve heard, carrying an almost gothic, Swedish melodic metal feel to it.

No release date has been set for the new album, which will come out via Roadrunner Records. It will be the first album since 2008’s All Hope Is Gone.



  • Samael

    The Negative One is better then this one. Tired of hearing Corey sing. He’s just not that good.

    • Killyoself Asap

      Exactly. He needs to leave that corny shit with stone sour.This song is weak as hell. That ‘negative one’ shit is waaay better

    • Lyle Chip Chipperson

      They peaked with Iowa. Vermillion Vol 3 was still good and there were a couple of nice tracks off of All Hope Is Gone. But this album isn’t sounding great so far. “The Negative One” was better than this, and at the same time “The Negative One” is still not as good as their previous stuff.

    • OccultCulture

      And I suppose you can sing better?

      • Samael

        I have a right to give my opinion on a vocalist even though I am not one myself. I could give you a very long list of better clean vocalists. I like the other song, he’s a better screamer then singer. Your question makes you sound like an idiot because it implies that someone cannot criticize something unless they can do it better themselves.

        • Clay Hirrill

          Corey replaced Ander because he could sing and Anders couldnt/wouldnt. Theyve had this “clean vocals” for much longer than most people can remember.

          • Samael

            Yea, and that’s fine, and something I did not forget. I remember when their self-titled came out and was blown away by it. And yes, Corey sang on that album too, but it wasn’t the focus. Now it IS the focus. And their demo before self-titled with Ander was just shit anyways. So, in summary, no I have not forgotten but it really is the bands focal point now. Sorta like In Flames.

        • OccultCulture

          No said you couldn’t have your opinion. Settle down.
          I apologize for having my own comment, as I can see it mortally affected you.

          • Samael

            Well thanks for being cool about it.

      • Jonny

        anyone else can sing better. Corey should leave the singing bullshit for stone sour

  • stephaniejmota

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  • sitonmyface

    Awesome song. Def melodic death metal sprinkled in here. New album gonna be sweet.

    • Eoin

      Check out Opeth and Insomnium if you want proper Melodeath.

  • Jonny

    i really hate how they mixed stone sour with slipknot. Stone sour is not even metal

    this song sounds great but the singing doesnt go well. feels like a stone sour pop rock song with some screaming on top

  • Chris Murray

    it actually has a title and release date oct 21st and its called .5: the grey chapter

  • I think the song is good. When it comes to Slipknot though, I want to hear more metal. Not this soft singing stuff. Keep that for Stone Sour.

  • Eoin

    Before you think I’m just coming on to knock the band down and get my tuppence worth in I have two slipknot tattoos, I’ve been to twelve of their concerts and have followed them for fifteen years so I think I am entitled at this stage to give an honest opinion here.

    I don’t like to say a band sold out because musicians are entitled to do what they feel. Clearly the band moved on and found a new wider audience leaving many a hardcore fan behind in the process. Simply put Slipknot moved on as a band and so did their older fans. I’m 29 now and I will always remember slipknot fondly as one of the bands that sent me on a voyage of discovery in the Metal world but sadly my days as a slipknot fan are now dwindling.

    Slipknot are going down the path Metallica did. Metallica released four amazing death metal albums at the start of there career and then went mainstream disregarding the very thing that made them great in the first place (amazing guitars and long technically brilliant, master of puppet, pieces). No doubt most the people defending slipknots sound today are not into or didn’t listen to slipknot when they began back in 1998. Honestly I thought the last album was dreadful, unoriginal, repetitive and unimaginative compared to their earlier works. The negative one single is better than this “devil in I” but in comparison to Left Behind, Heretic Anthem, Sic and Surfacing this is utter shit, and that’s putting it mildly.

    All in all I’m not very optamistic about this new album but If it entertains and gives other young people pleasure the same way it did me when I first listened to them then thats great.

    If you like me are searching for amazing hardcore, death, grind core bands might I suggest the following bands and their albums that I found on my travels –

    Napalm Death – Smear Campaign/Utilitarian/Leaders not Followers pt2
    Converge – Jane Doe/Axe to Fall/All we love we leave behind
    Pig Destroyer – Terrorizer/Prowler in the yard
    Anaal Nathrakh – In the Constellation of the Black Widow/Vanitas
    Poison the Well – You Come Before You
    Behemoth – The Satanist/Demigod/Evengalion
    Mastodon – The Czar/Once more round the Sun
    insomnium – One for Sorrow/Above the Weeping World
    Tool – Laterus/Anemia/10.000 days
    Buried Inside – Chronoclast
    Stampin’ Ground – An Expression of Repressed Violence
    Nails – Nails

    • Lol

      Umm….Metallica never did death metal….they were a thrash metal band in the beginning…if you’re going to do comparisons at least do some research first.

      • Uriel Hernandez


      • Eoin

        Well if you want to be all technical about it, then yeah. Metallica began as a bay area thrash metal band up until 1990 and then went to hard rock before switching back to thrash metal in 2004. I’ve corrected that very slight but glaringly obvious mistake.. thanks 🙂

    • Uriel Hernandez

      Haha true ….
      Nothing like the old days.

      I will still go to their concert to hear the good old stuff..

  • gabe

    Pretty badass song, sounds legit…dark and heavy…nothing wrong with coreys singing and screaming…people were fan of vermillion pt 1 and 2 and also snuff till we die childmof burning time duality all those songs had singing in it. So ya

  • Clay Hirrill

    Everyone seems to forget that Anders was replaced by Corey for Coreys ability to sing and harmonize.

    • Samael

      Nobody forgot. He’s always sucked. He just does it a lot more now then in the past.

  • Ricardo Simson

    Dam it… now this band is just like a NEW Stone Sour… can’t believe it…

  • What Were YOU ALL Doing For Six Years Anyways?

  • dean7676

    anyone here from the states?

    • Nobody is. All from China.

    • Samael

      Alpha Centauri reporting in.



  • Uriel Hernandez

    I just wanna go to their concert to listen to the old stuff. New stuff 🙁 :/

  • icwxp


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