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Oh Good, Someone’s Gone and Made That ‘Silent Hills’ Baby Thing

It is my belief that there are some things that we should never be brought to reality. If I had to make a list, that weird living aborted baby creature from the Silent Hills demo would be somewhere near the top. I don’t even know how one would go about recreating it, but someone has, and the future of humanity rests precariously in that thing’s fleshy, underdeveloped hands.

This is where you take your loved ones somewhere safe, because I have a feeling this thing will eventually destroy us all.




  • DeathNote81

    Is it a boy or a girl?

  • A. Sparks

    Anyone else suddenly in the mood for some Big League Chew?

  • Christensen

    oh my god.
    i soooo hope this thingy makes an appearance in the final game

  • ohitsmerenz

    Lol is that chicken

  • ThunderDragoon

    Ohhh it was a baby! I was wondering what the hell it was when I saw the demo lol.

  • REC03


  • IronicglassesWearer

    Yeah, agreed… this sort of things should stay in the game…

  • The_Whore_Whisperer

    You’ve got to use a coat hanger first. Don’t let them get this big, it’s just plain cruel.

    • Jacob Lopez

      I don’t think they really planned it out since the baby and family were killed by the father who used a rifle.

      • The_Whore_Whisperer

        Good point.

  • very nice this is creepy.

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