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Quiet One Reimagines “Sound Of Silence” For ‘Silent Hills’

It’s truly amazing how much the Silent Hill series means to people. Personally, I’ve been a huge fan since the first game came out. I’ve owned each game (except for Book Of Memories and that’s because I don’t want to buy a Vita), multiple copies of the soundtracks, and more.

For musician Benn Down (aka Quiet One), it was an opportunity to connect musically to a feeling he had inside. He did so by covering Simon And Garfunkel‘s infamous song “Sound Of Silence”, albeit giving it a slightly darker twist than the original.

Down states:

When I originally heard the rumours about ‘Silent Hills’ I felt compelled to write a song for the game. I tried a few different songs and then I heard Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” on the radio. I instantly knew that I could rework it to make a truly special song for Silent Hills. This version of ‘Sound of Silence’ is for you. Thank you so much for your support.

I decided to make a revised trailer for the upcoming ‘Silent Hills’. I understand that the games and the films are separate in regards to storyline (the games are canon) however the imagery from the films was so iconic that I couldn’t resist. Please enjoy this re-imagining and please enjoy the songs.

Below is the trailer featuring the cover. You can download the cover for free here.



  • ReplicA

    That was cool as hell. I was afraid it was going to devolve into a mess of heavy metal screeching, and blast beats, but it stayed perfect throughout, and held that silent hill feel. The video went with it very nicely as well. Great job on this!

  • really awesome, is it creepy that i like to fall asleep to silent hill music.

  • starsuntome

    It’s great to see Quiet One get a page of summin’! It’s a cover that devours you nearly whole, and leaves part of you still crawling away. Can’t wait for his new EP!

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