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The ‘Silent Hills’ Demo Gets the Narrator it Deserves

Since its debut last week, folks can’t seem to get enough of Silent Hills. For me, it signals a potential renaissance for AAA survival horror, which — thanks to games like this, The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, and (potentially) Resident Evil — is showing signs of returning to the glorious years of the early 2000s. Indie horror is flourishing, and it looks like that’s benefiting the AAA space as well as more game makers are realizing there’s an audience out there for more visceral scares.

For others, the demo is something to be picked apart and examined. It’s already inspired a torrent of reaction videos and fan theories as we try to mine the limited information available for any new details. Even the demo’s supporting cast, a sink-dwelling aborted baby creature, is real now.

Continuing this trend is an unexpected mash-up that uses the Silent Hills teaser’s first person perspective and injects it with some of The Stanley Parable.

If you haven’t played The Stanley Parable, it’s a little hard to explain it in a way that does it justice. On the surface, it’s a very simplistic first person story-driven game where your every action and decision is commented on by a narrator — voiced by the lovely Kevan Brighting. It’s also an incredibly effective and often hilarious parody of modern video game design. If you’d like to check it out, you can grab the game for $15 on Steam.


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  • Brodequin

    I love The Stanley Parable. Narrator is so funny in Stanley P.T.

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