13 Scariest Mockumentaries Ever Made!

  • Full Frontal Squashing

    Great idea for an article. Several of the films you listed I have not seen and will have to now.

  • Miranda

    I can’t believe The Bay didn’t make this list! Now THAT’S a great mockumentary that is completely realistic in this new world.

  • sliceanddice

    Cracking list. I had to sign up just to comment. I agree about the BAY being on here – great if flawed work by an oscar winner no less. Also, the fact that you have war games makes me consider how you might position THREADS on here? Almost a mockumentary but not quite . . . . i wonder if anyone else has seen it? Still the scariest thing i have ever seen.

  • twisted

    I love Noroi and the Fourth Kind. Will have to check out Ghostwatch and Lake Mungo.

  • Taboo

    Hmm got to check some of these out. I watched Noroi last year for the first time and loved it. Fourth Kind was pretty eerie. Lake Mungo I’ve been meaning to download, but I always forget lol

  • Jason Bartlett

    I love Lake Mungo. That twist is terrifying.

  • Aleister LaVey

    You should see the film Threads. It takes a documentary approach to nuclear holocaust, and it’s fucking haunting.

    • AkumajoBelmont

      Saw that movie on suggestion of someone here a month or two back, and it stuck with me. Truly haunting.


    Long Pigs is pretty fucked up.

  • Skrub Tre

    Ohhh, The Bay should be on the list. That movie will have you scared to take a damn shower after watching it.

    • pickle

      Yeah, that’s an underrated one. People always forget about it, but it’s definitely better than the premise makes it out to be.

    • http://satchels.tumblr.com/ Sedge

      It’s especially scary when you live right by where it takes place (although it was filmed in North Carolina because Fuck You Maryland). Is this how people in the New York City and the London feel all the time?

  • West Midwest

    The Sacrament needs to be on this list. It’s one of the most effectively scary mockumentaries ever, not least because it has few of the conventional horror trappings: no jump scares, no twist ending, just increasingly disturbing slow-burn horror.

    • Chamber

      No, it isn’t.

      • West Midwest

        Well, I really liked it.

    • pickle

      Nope. The true life cult cast it was based on was much scarier than that crap. The cameraman was obnoxious and ruined the movie for me.

    • Jake from State Farm

      Cult’s are probably the least scary thing I can possibly think of. Supernatural horror all the way, what you cannot perceive or even begin to understand will always make for better horror.

  • AkumajoBelmont

    Big ups for Noroi, Lake Mungo, Ghost Watch, The Tunnel and The Fourth Kind. These are some of my favourite horror movies. That last piece of footage in Lake Mungo scared the shit out of me. The Fourth Kind is still the best alien-themed movie out there, along with Fire in the Sky. I’ll never understand the hatred that The Fourth Kind gets – it’s brilliantly acted, immensely re-watchable, and really unique, even within the sub-genre. The scares are there too – genuinely unnerving. Reminds me of old Hard Copy, Sightings and ‘The Extraordinary’ episodes that used to terrify me as a kid, but brought bang up-to-date. I only saw Ghostwatch a few years back, and while the hammy first half-hour was interesting, after the scares started, I was surprised at how creepy the rest of it still was, especially in this day and age.

    The brilliant thing about all of these movies, is that they’re grounded in reality just enough to make you believe they could happen, and when the shit hits the fan, you go just go along with it.

    Great list!!!

  • ohitsmerenz

    Glad to see Lake Mungo in the list. Creepy as fuck from the beginning towards the end. The Tunnel is great too. I have to check the others

  • ThunderDragoon

    Lake Mungo got me so paranoid while I was watching it. A very underrated movie.

  • John

    lol I skipped the opening and was about to freak out that Holocaust wasn’t on here. Cool list

  • Tanzim W. Rahman

    Noroi is definitely one of the best horror movies I’ve seen. The mystery is gripping, and the storytelling is masterful. It forces you to pay attention, and creates a truly creepy mythology. Amazing film.

  • Lucy Kate Cottee

    Lake Mungo was brilliant, there’s a particular scene that stuck with me for WEEKS (all who have seen it will know what I’m talking about). I also enjoyed the Tunnel and the Forth Kind, glad to see them all on the list!

  • John Clough


  • Kwonkicker

    Love love LOVE The Poughkeepsie Tapes. One of my all time favorite horror films.

  • Siobhan Sands

    Lake Mungo. Wow was so scared after watching it! Still am had difficulty sleeping brilliant slow burn horror!

  • tunapie 14

    You guys should check out the August Underground Trilogy. It’s too disturbing, I’m still bothered by it. Though I appreciate the realistic (too realistic) intention of the film.

  • Siobhan Sands

    Ok.. so I checked out “The Tunnel” and that made me really cross and didn’t really feel anything at all for the “Journalists” utter crap fest. The thing lurking in the darkness was interesting but does not deserve the 100% rating it has on Rotten Tomatoes…

    • pickle

      I don’t get the love for The Tunnel. Not only was it too dark (as in, I can’t see anything that’s happening), but it was just a headache to watch.

  • James Allard

    A lot of my faves here, I love this oddball subgenre.

  • Christine Cantrell

    I’ll definitely have to check out a few of these on this list…but first and foremost I would have to say I completely disagree with the person who wrote the article in saying S&Man wasn’t SCARY?!?!? OMG it was scary and completely disgusting plus the idea was fresh and brilliant!! With Mockumentaries I think about realism and that’s what scares me. The fact that this could happen. Thanks for at least mentioning The August Underground series…again a before it’s time mockumentary…Mordum is still my all time favorite. I believe watching them the first time gave me nightmares lol. Yes some say it was extremely boring at times…and that might be true…but to be in the mind of that sort of madness…it would be sorta boring…

  • Mats Johan

    cults exist that do insane things. so. brainwashed sheeple. do your research.
    cause you know nothing. but when you find out – all cult movies will scare you
    cause u’ll be thinking about the real stuff that’s going on.
    and saying “no it isn’t” doesn’t make it so. that’s you you in denial. you want the truth? YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!