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#NYCC Dark Horse & Sega Present 35 Years Of “Aliens”

Alex de Campi, Joshua Williamson, Chris Mooneyham, Paul Tobin took the stage in New York Friday night to talk about the legacy of the Alien franchise.

Paul Tobin spoke first about Prometheus. Saying it is about the fear of the unknown. He talked a little bit about the development process. The Fire and Stone development involved all of the writers meeting at Scott Allie’s house and beat out all the scripts over dinner. They worked tirelessly on how to coherently connect it all together.

Predator is all about Ahab. He’s an old predator on his last great hunt. Going after the great white whale: a Promethean Engineer. Williamson said Issue #4 one long fight scene start to finish.

Alex De Campi spoke about the breaking news of Archie vs Predator. Where a predator slays all Archie characters with prejudice. Will look nice and pretty but before long the skinning’s begins. Includes as many original predator film references as possible. Feels like Final Destination, because the predators only attack armed people. Example, someone picks up a fork to eat and is dismembered.

“Archie VS Predator” hits in April 2015





  • Gabbi Cordero

    i assume that the live presentation reflected more about 35 years of aliens. it’s cool that fox AND darkhorse took the stage as the comic book company really is the unsung hero (… or villain) of the alien/predator franchise. would’ve liked to have heard a little bit more about what they spoke of regarding the alien franchise

  • CaptHowdy666

    Alex de Campi is the master of comic horror these days! I think I squeeled when I heard this news.

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