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‘Summer Camp’ is the Latest Stab at Making a Teen Slasher Horror Game

Because horror is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped, Breach & Clear: DEADline developer Gun has revealed a new horror game inspired by teen slasher films. Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp is basically Friday the 13th: The Game, as it follows a gaggle of horny teen counselors who find themselves being hunted by some woods-dwelling psychopath — played by you.

If you have the nagging feeling you’ve heard of this game before, you’re probably thinking about Splatter Camp, the other teen murder simulator from Babysitter Bloodbath (formerly Halloween) developer Pig Farmer Games.

This isn’t Splatter Camp, this is Summer Camp. Get to know it in the trailer below.




  • Khy

    So pumped for both this AND Until Dawn, glad to see slasher games finally being made.

    • YankeePanky

      I agree. I thought the genre was dead because of all the drama manhunt started.

      • Sutter Cane

        Manhunt was just so good. Just when you get tired of sawing someone’s head off with piano wire, they give you a baseball bat and ten angles of someone’s skull getting caved in…

  • TheAcidSkull

    I really wish Creative Assembly would consider making a Friday the 13th game…Having said that this looks awesome.

  • Grimphantom

    Sounds interesting but we have to wait and see the final product.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Tom Savini? PS4? Count me in!

  • Walter Silvy

    needs occulus rift vr support

    • YankeePanky

      Hell Yeah! 😀

  • YankeePanky

    This game looks stellar!!!!!! I hope its gory like manhunt.

    • Johannna_L

      It wasnt particully gory but it was great nontheless. Lets hope R* makes Manhunt 3 soon.

  • Victor

    Finally more slasher games please please please bring this genre back!

  • darkMite

    Super excited, gonna buy it the instant it’s available.

  • Harry Manback

    yesh, i shall have it

  • TheAcidSkull

    Adam, while this sounds cool and all, don’t you think that playing as a slasher would be kind of lame unless you go up against enemies who can actually match you? I mean, it’s hard to believe that fighting camp counselors or teens will be interesting, and if they bring in anyone else then it’s not a slasher game anymore.
    Personally, I’d rather have a game that’s more akin to outlast or isolation. Like being trapped on a giant summer camp with Jason, or being trapped in some trippy boiler room with Freddy Kruger.
    What are your thoughts?

  • Guest

    My Body will never be ready for this. Excited doesnt cover the emotion I am feeling.

  • Fergun Connell

    Nothing I guess brings out the old scaredy bone like teen slasher flicks. Probably they work because of their unrealistic fun. hehe

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