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We’ve Read the So-Called ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Script…

…and it was penned by a desperate writer – not Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg – hoping to get him recognition. I will not be posting his name. (UPDATE 11-21-14)

Way back in 2008, it was confirmed that Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg (writers on NBC’s “The Office”) had been hired by Sony to pen the script for Ghostbusters 3. Some story rumors were confirmed around that time, mainly that a “next generation” of Ghostbusters would be involved.

Following years of gossip and rumor-tug-of-war amongst the original players, Paul Feig is now set to direct (and co-write with his The Heat collaborator Katie Dippold) with a heavily female cast of busters to star. Back in August when all this came out, the sequel rumors were primarily squashed in favor of the reboot route.

It’s been a dizzying path for the next Ghostbusters film and many fans are stoked it’s finally happening. But what became of Stupnitsky and Eisenberg’s original treatment? At the time word was that the studio loved the outline but Harold Ramis (RIP) did not. The duo was working on it apparently into 2010 and probably beyond. So what of it?

Well, Brad received a document that damn sure looks like it’s the duo’s treatment. It came from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, and is labelled “Second Draft – 04/08/2009.” While we haven’t been able to confirm its validity, it contains plenty of points that were rumored to be within their story.

And now, for your reading pleasure, what (possibly maybe) could’ve been…

The script opens with a prologue similar to the first Ghostbusters. Two museum security guards are walking down a narrow hallway at night, boring each other with droll chit-chat. They turn a corner to see objects floating about, aimed right for them. An apparition appears, with long arms and legs and no face. It’s speaks some kind of ancient incantation, then attacks.

Cut to a hyper-stylized commercial for Ghostbusters, Inc. -complete with obnoxious dub step version of the classic theme song. The rag-tag business started by the original guys is now run like any other corporation, with shit-eating CEO TODD PRENDAGHAST in charge. How loathsome is Todd? He keeps SLIMER in a glass-walled containment unit as a trophy.

Theirs is a very high-tech approach to busting – think all the extraneous tech and touch screens shown on “CSI” and the like. The days of scorching buildings and furniture with proton packs is over. How did it get this way?

Years ago, when DR. RAY STANTZ and DR. EGON SPENGLER were the last vestiges of the original crew, Ghostbusters went public. Then an “incident” occurred during a bust that led them to destroy the Triborough Bridge. The collateral damage was tremendous, but they saved the city. Still, Ray and Egon were forced out of their positions by the board members of Ghostbusters, Inc., demoted to the lowly position of “freelance classifications.” Essentially what they do now is act as first responders when people call. They investigate the phenomenon and advise Todd how to proceed.

The problem is Todd doesn’t want to listen to them. That slender man looking bastard from the prologue? This is the fourth or fifth time he’s been spotted and his attacks are getting progressively more aggressive. Egon has classified the being as a ‘Class-5 Cross-Dimensional Snatcher.’ But Todd won’t listen. And Ray is boiling over with resentment.

Him and Egon work with OSCAR BARRETT, the son of DR. PETER VENKMAN and DANA BARRETT (a story that Bloody Disgusting exclusively broke years ago). She acted as a single mother while Venkman was off being elected as mayor of NYC. After the Triborough Bridge incident, he used an anti-Ghosbuster ballot to be reelected. Since then, he hasn’t spoken to his old friends. Resentment runs deep through the bulk of this script.

Venkman is a hands-off type of mayor. He likes being on TV, but when he has to actually take responsibility for something, he’s at a loss for words (there’s a lot of Bill Murray’s deadpan quirks played with here). His savior at times is JANINE MELNITZ, who now acts as his secretary and chief advisor (sadly, LOUIS TULLY is nowhere to be found).

As Venkman is assaulted with questions over the slender man ghost at a press conference, he caves in and must take action. He reunites with Ray, Egon, and WINSTON ZEDDMORE (who’s a mechanic at Ghostbusters, Inc.) in Todd’s office.

Remember “Tobin’s Spirit Guide”? It’s the book referenced in the first Ghostbusters while they were researching Zuul. Here Ray uses it to conclude that the slender man spirit is WOLFRAM VON GRAUEN, one of the head architects of the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Hundreds of people vanished during the fair, possibly sacrificed in the basement of a building Von Grauen owned. The vile man was eventually thrown in an insane asylum on Staten Island. His belongings were auctioned off by the police and now his spirit is being drawn to them.

Amazed that Ray and Egon figured it out so soon while Todd sat on his ass doing nothing about it, Venkman ousts Todd from his CEO position and reinstates Ray and Egon. What follows is a montage aimed at pushing the fans’ nostalgia buttons. A lot of imagery from the first two films appears, including a polished off Ecto-1. Ray even lets Slimer out of the containment unit, leading to a heartwarming and gooey reunion.

They fire all of the new Ghostbusters, Inc. recruits and bring in three fresh faces (PARKER, WILLIAMS, TRACY). Cannibalising the new technology, Egon creates all-new proton packs that are more powerful (and destructive) than ever before. They pinpoint the location of Von Grauen’s cursed items: the Brundelheim Institute on Staten Island, the former asylum Von Grauen was held at (where else would it be, duh). Winston travels there with the new recruits while Ray and Egon advise via radio. They find a secret room in the basement, where Oscar’s presence sets off Von Grauen’s spirit. Turns out the youngest Barrett has the same affinity for attracting negative psycokinetic energy that his mom Dana does.

Von Grauen’s power is used to unleash the Ghostbuster’s biggest foe yet. It’s essentially a Cthulhu monster that’s been dwelling under the ocean – tentacles and all. It’s even referred to as an “elder god.”


The epic final battle sees the national guard, NYPD, recently fired employees of Ghosbusters, Inc., and the guys all blowing away at the immense creature. The NYC skies are lit up with gunfire and proton beams. They manage to slow the behemoth down, but the only way to stop it…you guessed it.

They have to cross the streams. Knowing that it could kill them, Venkman makes the first selfless act he’s made in years and takes Oscar’s place. Even that bastard Todd steps up to lay his life down for the city. They manage to lure the creature to a prime spot near a skyscraper. There, the guys take one final sentimental look at one another and light it up. A bright white super beam plows into the creature and his guts and bile rain down on the city. They’ve slain the beast and saved the city once again. Only this time it cost them their lives.

Cut to an undisclosed time in the near future. Ghostbusters, Inc. is going stronger than ever, with Winston in a high-paying position. Oscar is still working there as well. One night, Janine is working late and as she’s walking down the hall, she comes across the ghosts of Venkman, Ray, and Egon playing cards…



We’ll update this if the document is ever confirmed as Stupnitsky and Eisenberg’s original treatment. It reads pretty legit, in my opinion. What do you think?



  • Jake

    I only read the title 🙂 sooooo is it awesome?

    • Jonathan Larsson

      Read it and form your own opinion.

  • Liquid Shit

    Sounds pretty good and much better than Ghostbusters 2. Why Harold Ramis (RIP) didn’t like it?

    And the whole tentacled “elder god” ghost is ripped directly from Legacy of Kain.

    • morrisseylikesburgers

      Yeah, because no one ever wrote about a tentacled “elder god” before some video game.

      • jason1978

        Well they could’ve changed that I guess but the script sounds very good. Love how they sacrifice themselves for the city.

    • Steven Liczbinski

      He probably didnt like it cause 3 out of the 4 of them die…

      In my opinion it would have been a horrible ending.

    • Jonathan Larsson

      Maybe he didn’t like that they were gonna be killed off? It felt unusually dark, even with it’s ironic twist.

    • william Stalker

      Or you know Cthulhu which they said above. Which i don’t know they used him on the cartoon series so why reuse him? Sounds like Malarky fan fiction.

  • Incredible!

  • Nick M.

    Thats perfect – that is exactly what I wanted from a GB sequel. Now we are stuck with an all female reboot. Just great…

    • John Connor

      I’m all for the remake with a female cast.

      I never wanted Ghostbusters III, but fuck and dammit, that would have been the perfect ending.

  • Daniel

    Aw man! Why didn’t Harold Ramis like this?? It sounds so good!

  • Unassigned

    Would have LOVED this to be the sequel! Come on guys, listen to the fans!!!!

  • Evi

    That sounds pretty much like the first 2 Ghostbusters and with way too many nods and winks.

    • Ghostbusters have always been tongue-in-cheek. Egon broke the fourth wall in part 2 by looking at the camera. And Venkman never took it seriously even though he was knee deep in it.

      • Evi

        I don’t mean tongue-in-cheek, I mean fan-service nods to the previous entries.

  • Vigo Gozer
  • Steven Liczbinski

    Sounds decent but them dying would have been dumb.

    • Seriously? Harold Ramis is gone and we don’t have that many years of Bill Murray left. If the final scene takes place in the future, why is that so hard to believe?

      • Steven Liczbinski

        They are killed while fighting the final ghost, its a dumb idea. If I had waited all these years and this movie was made, just to kill off 3 of the originals ..

        I would have been pissed.

        • ok. But I think it would have made an incredible bitter sweet ending especially, like I said, since the final scene would be in the future.

          “Cut to an undisclosed time in the near future. Ghostbusters, Inc. is going stronger than ever, with Winston in a high-paying position. Oscar is still working there as well. One night, Janine is working late and as she’s walking down the hall, she comes across the ghosts of Venkman, Ray, and Egon playing cards…”

  • Jonathan Larsson

    The basic story is actually very interesting. The fact that they worked in a reference to the slender man is very clever and up to date. I could really see this happening. However, there’s a few thing that would have to be adjusted if this was to be used now:
    1. Harold Ramis is sadly no longer with us, but he was so vital in the franchise so the film-makers can’t just ignore his existence. He needs to be present in one way or another, his absence explained and his legacy left behind. Spenglers death could even be the source of the bitterness between the remaining busters, one blaming the other for this in the horrible incident that made them split.
    2. Tully and Dana should be present and play pivotal parts. For example; Tully should have a fairly high position in Ghostbusters Inc because of his skills in economics. And Dana? She should pack a proton pack as well. Being the center of attention of many supernatural evils, she should have gotten used to it and made preparations for further encounters. Sigourney Weaver is always at her best when she kicks some ass.
    3. Walter Peck should have a cameo; bitter as hell and still rallying against the phenomenon known as Ghostbusters.
    4. The introduction of new ghostbusters is a good idea; if they’re really good and likable they can support potential sequels if the original main characters cannot. Preferably it would be younger and fun actors that people are familiar with, such as Seth Rogen or Anna Faris.
    5. Some less life-treathening antagonist could for the film be used to add more conflict. Maybe a rivaling Ghostbuster agency?
    6. Zeddemore should have a larger role; partly to make up for Spenglers absence, and partly because he is the least explored of the characters. One of the many things that pissed me off about Ghostbusters 2 is that he just showed up with no real explanation, like an accessory.
    7. The ending is too dark. While I could see it appear as if they are dead in a selfless sacrifice, I would rather see them reappear at the end as a happy twist. You know, it’s like rather than letting the blast completely incinerate them, it should just send them into a different dimension. Maybe it would end in a hilarious and exciting cliffhanger, reuniting them with the all too familiar face of Gozer in her burned but still deadly form of the Stay Puff Marshmallow man?

    • Bouncy X

      what do you mean when saying Winston just showed up with no explanation? we see him with Ray doing the party at the beginning of the movie, so that seems to establish that they’ve kept the Ghostbusters going together, albeit as a kiddy attraction and not actual busters!! but if he “came out of nowhere” then you’d have to say the same for Ray as their first appearance in the movie is together arriving at the party.

  • Jason Bartlett

    Oh what could have been.

    • James

      It’s incredibly depressing…

  • marklola12 .

    sounds ok BUT I very much doubt any of this is going to be in the final movie if its made, this is from years ago so while YES you have read the script you most certainly have not read the actual script from the new movie which is how your title suggests

  • Ethan

    Am I the only one who thinks an all female reboot would be amazing????

    • Beanis


      • Ethan

        Ok, but explain to me why it would be bad. I actually want to know.

        • Neo

          Consider the primary audience of the original.

          Hint: It’s not female.

          • Kelly

            So you’re using the tired excuse that ‘men can’t watch movies with female leads because reasons’? If they play it up like “guys their women get it they have vaginas haha” yeah its going to suck. but if they realize they are just personalities and not genders then it could turn out pretty sweet. Who gives a shit if venkman were a woman it’s finding the right personality to fit the egomaniac that is Peter. That doesn’t necessarily need to be a man. It could even be mix gendered it would still work if they take the care to find well suited actors/actresses for the roles.

          • Ethan

            I agree. I’m thinking there is some sexism here that everyone is ignoring.

          • Bayked

            I think there’s a difference between “ignoring” and “denying the obvious while saying it outright.”

          • Ethan

            Yep, pretty much.

          • Leebo

            Indeed – what next, an Evil Dead remake with a woman in the lead role? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • Neo

            This is two-thousand-and-fucking-fourteen. Disagreements can be just that. Disagreements. Maybe if we weren’t so quick to label everything fucking prejudice — we wouldn’t be a country of such uptight pussies. Your armchair internet diagnoses do no one any good.

          • Ethan

            Woah there, calm down. Sexism is pretty publicized now. Don’t act like it isn’t an issue. Besides, everyone was having a perfectly normal conversation until you showed up. Sit down.

          • Neo

            Normal conversation? As in you justifying yet another unnecessary reboot of a loved franchise? Sadly this cycle of rebooting and remaking everything is the norm, thanks to people of your ilk who see nothing wrong with never having an original thought in your head. Enjoy your “normal” conversation.

          • Neo

            Did you watch the original, lady? Or are you just another womynist fairweather fan? Because it’s not a tired excuse. It’s a legitimate concern. And don’t you don’t find it insulting that instead of making original female material — the best you can hope for is shoehorning women into popular male franchises? Will you complain when they make the gritty, male skewing reboot of The Notebook? Because you should. When this comes out with Melissa McCarthy I’ll fucking eat my shoe.

          • Kelly

            Alright, I’m not going to argue with a moron. I’m a huge fan of the Ghostbusters franchise I found this article through the GB fans Facebook page not some feminist website. Sorry if my calling you out on being biased towards male comedians makes you defensive. Also THAT IS MY CONCERN did you not read my post?? I would hate it if the reboot were just full of stupid “get it they’re girls not boys hur hur” humor. The point is not that they would be female the point is that if they are female that shouldn’t change the humor. You really don’t seem to get my point here at all dude.

          • Neo

            You’re right. Let’s reboot everything, switch the genders, and never make an original movie again.

          • Ethan

            How do you know this? Show me evidence.

    • Pizza the Hutt

      Depends on how it is acted. If they get Melissa to be in the film and she mugs for the camera it will not work out as the humor is not physically.

      • Bayked

        We’re talking a movie where people get covered in slime and they all got shot by lasers and doused in marshmallow fluff for laughs.

        • Pizza the Hutt

          That is true but it was not a physical comedy. The actors treated the film as if it was a serious situation with lines that were funny.

        • Neo

          For the love of god. Please don’t encourage the idea of Melissa McCarthy in this movie. .

    • Travis

      I just can’t imagine what women would pull it off. I feel that if there’s no Bill Murray what’s the point.

      • Ethan

        I would be nervous for any cast, so I am wondering if there is some inherent sexism at the root of people’s hate of a proposed all female version.

        • Travis

          I also think it has to do with how much people hate sequels, especially to amazing movies. And then you change it even more and people get more upset, but don’t really know why. I’m down for it, but with all the hands this has passed through in every department, I don’t expect it to be great. Plus, McCarthy is the worst.

        • Leebo

          Probably – but would it be sexism if people were concerned about a Charlie’s Angels reboot with men as the Angels?

          • Neo

            No. Because it’s not about sexism – it’s about disrespecting the original audience!

            It seems like the ones who complain of “Ghostbusters 3 sexism” (Good lord, what a bunch of pussies) fit into one of two groups:

            1. Women who have no fidelity to the originals, and who may or may not have even seen them.

            2. These pansy ass Generation Nothing dudes who think they’re oh-so-chivalrous if they join the cause and slap a prejudice label on something. And maybe -just maybe – a woman will see it and applaud their “bravery.”

          • Ethan

            Wow, you obviously have an anger problem. So being a supporter of equal rights and treatment of everyone makes me a pussy? You just answered me original question. People like you, sexist, have some hate against this movie. How do women being the Ghostbusters disrespect the original audience in any way?

          • Ethan

            By it’s very definition, yes, but I don’t know if society would see it that way.

        • Neo


      • Leebo

        I dunno, maybe Sandra Bullock may be able to pull it off?
        No doubt that fat bird (ahem – plus sized actress) from Bridesmaids will be in it – I reckon that’s a given – and perhaps Sarah Silverman,
        And Kelly Brook. Because she is fit.

        • Travis

          I would like it if it were all girls from SNL. I love Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. For some reason I can’t stand Sandra Bullock and I’ve never been able to laugh at Sarah Silverman’s jokes. As long as the writing is good female or male doesn’t matter.

    • Matt

      Don’t think many people have a problem with the female reboot. It’s just after nearly 25 years of development and promises “Let’s make Ghostbusters, but with girls!” has to be the laziest pitch I have ever heard.

      • Frank Bautista

        I, personally, don’t have a problem with an all-female Ghostbusters. My main concern is tone. People are dropping Bridesmaids or The Heat, and I’m not sure that style of modern comedy is good for the series. That’s just my opinion, though.

      • Ethan

        I kind of agree, but I think it all comes down to the execution.

        • Matt

          You’re absolutely right, but when it comes to Hollywood’s track record with old franchises, you can understand the cynicism. 25 years – Ackroyd, Ramis and Reitman couldn’t crack it. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. Or if it is, it will be for all the wrong reasons, just trading on the name to ring the cash out of us. I sincerely hope I am wrong.

          • Ethan

            I definitely agree with you on the cash grab point. It seems like so much of that is going around right now *cough**universal*

          • Matt

            Yep! Universal’s plan to take the horror out of their monsters is just awful. Strange thing is, fan goodwill and geek culture is at an all time high right now. The gap between cult fav and mainstream isn’t as big as it was. Marvel have shown you can keep the mainstream happy and be true to the source material for the fans. It baffles me why some studios don’t get this 🙂

          • Bayked

            Then again…
            Dawn of the Dead…
            Dawn/Rise of the Planet of the Apes…
            Star Trek (2009)…
            You never know.

          • Matt

            Very true, but it is a short list 🙂 I do hope the new Ghostbusters will be good. Just right now, the lazy pitch and the Bridesmaid like rumours just doesn’t fill me with optimism 🙂

  • Beanis

    I would have enjoyed this version, not perfect but pretty tight. While not my first choice, I have no problem with the characters dying at the end considering that this would most likely have been the only and last time the original cast would come together to make another sequel. The scene of them as ghosts might’ve needed a rewrite but it’s kind of inevitable that they would become ghosts, eventually we all die. They died as heroes and we get a nice scene as a send off. Granted it’s not high comedy but it’s fitting for the characters.

  • Tim Nuttall

    Well this is clearly not the script that will be made into the final film. All female reboot and all.

    • Pizza the Hutt

      They tossed this idea in the trash and started from scratch

  • Tyler Harrell

    Nice ending.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    It’s really safe, but I would have been fine with it.

  • Frank Bautista

    That was… not bad. I definitely SOUNDS like it could’ve fit in well with the other Ghostbusters movies. They also did the whole “passing the torch” thing pretty well.

  • Cory

    I think it would be cool to see Dan’s original script get made rather than this new stuff. The one that was too expensive to make back then. It could be rad.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Sounds like a take of the video games script.

  • Dave Brown

    The whole ‘Ghost Busters Inc.’ aspect of the treatment, and the old-school Ghost Busters positions in and out of it are about the only things that I liked about this. The rest was ho-hum, fan-service bullshit, uninspired, and not particularly funny.

    • Darby O’ Gill

      Did you read the entire script? I am just wondering if you just don’t find the synopsis funny

  • Krug09

    I have never seen a site give so many updates about a movie that hasn’t been made. We knew all this shit back in 2010.

  • doctor_dakka

    You read a fake fan script, confirmed by Gene Stupnitsky.

    • Krug09

      LOL. Of course BD did. They have wasted many hours posting none updates and false reports on GB3. GB HAS TO BE there favorite film ever unless they are paid to give these “updates”

    • CoolHandPuke

      This genestupnitsky twitter account has no tweets to its name except for this one. Now I don’t know what to believe.

  • Guest

    Cannot Stress this enough when it comes to Ghostbusters III

  • btnkdrms

    When it comes to anything Ghostbusters III .. Believe It When You See It!

  • Bobby Jones

    I’ve posted this twice but here it is again. Let the cast of This is the End play R-rated Ghostbusters. Rogen, Hill, Robinson, Burschel, Franco fighting evil ghosts would be great and have McBride align with the enemy

    • LarryBundyJr

      Sorry, that would be the worst thing ever.

  • LarryBundyJr

    Got to say, a few pieces of that story was actually used in the 2009 Ghostbusters Video Game, so I’m surprised it wasn’t changed.

  • DaleB10

    * Opening scene;
    * Venkman being the Mayor;
    * Wolfram Von Grauen;
    * Sea Monster.

    * The rest of it.

  • jason bates

    This was enjoyable enough if not earth shattering-ly original. It’s certainly way better than that god awful hell-bent script and with some fine tuning it would’ve made a decent enough 3rd installment and a fitting end for the original cast. The passing of the torch was done well enough but the script worked IMO because the focus was still on the old guys with a surprisingly emotional punch. I’m not sure i’d want to watch the inevitable sequels following the new team. PS, having Venkman as NYC Mayor was just inspired.

  • Joe Fiore

    THAT is a great story! That is the film we want. Not this ‘reboot’ BS.

  • Bobby Price

    I think the ghostbusters need a talking gorilla AND a talking car.

  • Nolan Martin

    I need a moment.. cos I feel sick to my stomach…

  • Adam Nixon

    I know this isn’t revolutionary, and it’s a bit “safe”, but I honestly would have enjoyed seeing this film… especially because I think the ending is perfect- it gives an appropriate resolution to the characters, and does allow for potential spin-offs or future sequels.

  • John Connor

    I fucking love it!!!! Never thought it would be that good. Damn.

  • Kamel Striker

    think i fucking did some shit in my pant’s, that was the Ghostbusters
    movie that Ghostbusters fans who actually watched the cartoon series
    deserve, do we get it no. Instead we’re getting some Megan Fuck’s (Fox)
    mostly female reboot filled with tit’s & slime, “I see enough of
    that in porn i don’t need to pay to see more.” #Yawn

  • Andy Teal

    Stupinsky confirmed it as a fake.

  • jimjimmy123

    Script is terrible. Writer had no clue.

    Venkman hates the GB’s? Ghosts are all over the city from minute 1? It’s a disgrace script.

    A real scriptwriter would know that a 2014 audience needs to be eased into the Ghosts are not only real but everywhere universe.

    Like Aykroyd said in 2012, students of theoretical physics at Columbia university find in experiments that physical constants are changing. Something which shouldn’t be possible. They are showing measureable fluctuations on the Planck scale with constants destabilizing. One student with a history, Oscar, turns to the old GB’s for help.

    He becomes the first member of the new GB team, with his friends recruited along the way of a new adventure.

    That should be GBIII.

    • Darby O’ Gill

      “Script is terrible. Writer had no clue.” Yeah man.. whatever. Sounds exactly like a GB sequel to me..

      • Lukas S.

        What does? The original post or Aykroyd’s idea??

  • Ash Bulla

    I love this script but i would have made the ending more serious this is what i would
    have wrote

    They lure the creature torwards a spot at the top of the skyscraper. There, the old team take one final look at one another one last time and light it up. A bright white beam came from the top of the building and struck the creature making its vile and slime rain opon the city. They’ve slain the beast and saved the city once more but this time it cost them their lives.

    Cut to an undisclosed time in the near future. Ghostbusters, inc. better than ever , with Oscar in the leading role and Todd redeeming himself. One late night janine working late about to leave walking into a long hallway. The hallway gets pitchblack all around her but at the end of the tunnel is a extremely bright light and the whole team Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston slowley appear in front of Janine. They all wave one last goodbye to Janine before walking to the light and making everything back to the way it was.

  • EB

    Honestly, this doesn’t seem half bad. The two major flaws are basically repeating the same beats from the first one (seemingly including the fact that Ray doesn’t show up until halfway through the film) and excluding Louis from the proceedings. Still, I get the impression this would have been more of a retread than anything. I have some hope the all-female reboot will bring a fun new spin to the franchise (not that it needed a reboot mind you, but I’d rather have something new than not).

    • Lukas S.

      What are you talking about? Ray is in the beginning of the first Ghostbusters movie, right after the library ghost attacks the woman working there and. Ray came in and interrupted Venkman’s telepathy experiement, which is the scene immediately after that. Did you mean to say Winston?

      • EB

        I did! Annnnnnnd…. EDIT!

        • Lukas S.

          What if it began with Winston instead? That might be interesting to see.

  • Darby O’ Gill

    “and many fans are stoked it’s finally happening.” No they aren’t

  • Oliver Smiff

    The writer’s name was Sean Grady and I wouldn’t describe him as desperate. He directed the wonderful short “Monster Island”, which screened at Toronto After Dark (among other festivals). Sounds like someone’s a little hurt about being fooled.

  • Marc D

    This script was bad, the “official” Dan Aykroyd ideas for GB3 are bad, and the Paul Feig female-GB reboot will probably be bad. There is no shortage of GB fans and wannabe-writers (including me) who would like to take a crack at GB3, the Great White Whale of movie sequels, though. Eventually, it will get made.

  • Benderisgreat

    As with the Highlander movies, there should be (and have been) only one.

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