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Nick Cave Performs “Into My Arms” Live At Town Hall

Renowned musician Nick Cave has released a live performance of “Into My Arms” from his September 20th show at the Town Hall in NYC. The video comes from, “…a rare mix of Q&A and solo piano performance surrounding the release of the critically-acclaimed ‘20,000 Days on Earth.’

Noisey’s YouTube channel will be releasing two additional performances in the near future.

Nick Cave is the musician who brought us the song “Red Right Hand”, which has been used frequently in horror films. He also released a phenomenal dark album entitled Murder Ballads, which featured guest appearances from Kylie Minogue, PJ Harvey, and more.



  • Tailor00

    The fucking video says Into My Arms, how did you manage to mess that up and make it Into YOUR Arms?!

    • By doing 800 things at once. However, thank you for your kind and thoughtful way of letting me know! 😀

      • Tailor00

        Nonsense. Humans are only capable of doing 600 things at once. I demand proof.

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