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Is ‘Jurassic World’ a Self-Deprecating Sequel?!

Jurassic World

I just read an incredibly interesting new interview with Colin Trevorrow, who has the monster task of getting people back into Jurassic Park, and have them leave with a smile.

After the pre-Thanksgiving Jurassic World trailer hit, the internet exploded like a bitch-fest I’ve never seen. The majority of the complaints were fucking stupid, if you ask me. Although, it was disappointing reading that the sole reason Universal created the new D-Rex hybrid – instead of using the original, and real, scary dinos- was to create an IP they would own.

In said interview (over at Empire), Trevorrow discusses this a bit, and I really like what he says. Jurassic World is either incredibly self-aware, or he has one hell of a publicist helping him clean up his shit.


“There is no shortage of awesome [real] dinosaurs. We could have populated this entire story with new species that haven’t been in any of these movies. But this new creation is what gave me a reason to tell another Jurassic Park story. We have the most awe-inspiring creatures to ever walk the Earth right in front of us, but for some reason that’s not enough. We’re always hungry for the next thing, and those who profit from it are always looking to feed that hunger. The focus groups want something bigger than a T-Rex. And that’s what they get.”

From what I’m gathering, focus groups, as well as our society’s need for bigger, better and badder technology, forced Universal and Trevorrow’s hand into creating this new big baddie. I do love the social commentary in that sentiment, and that merchandizing – in real life and in the Jurassic World theme park – are forced by consumer greed. It’s really interesting stuff when you really think about – and almost a bit self-deprecating, no?

There’s a lot more in the interview, such as talk about the creation of the Mosasaurus, an aquatic dinosaur that devours a great white.

“The idea came out in one of our first meetings. I didn’t know if Steven [Spielberg] and Frank [Marshall] had considered an underwater reptile, so I pitched the mosasaurus and went off on the idea.”

“I thought it would be cool if we had this massive animal and the park used one of our most fearsome modern predators as food. There could be a whole other facility where they used shark DNA to mass-produce them to feed the bigger beast. It’s a bonkers idea, but I’m comfortable going to Crazytown, because I used to live there when I was a kid.”

Personally, I wanted to know a bit more about the shot at the end of the trailer where star Chris Pratt is riding a motorcycle alongside a handful of velociraptors.

“Owen’s relationship with the raptors is complicated. They aren’t friends. These animals are nasty and dangerous and they’ll bite your head off if you make the wrong move. But there are men and women out there today who have forged tenuous connections with dangerous predators. That’s interesting territory to me.”

It sounds as if there’s a complicated arc within Jurassic World, which will re-open for business in June 2015. I wish I could get my tickets now.

Jurassic World



  • pablitonizer

    I loved the trailer and I’m super excited for this one!
    However, what calls my attention is the fact that director Collin Trevor keeps explaining and justifying everything in Jurassic world…I mean if you make a choice and decide a direction, do you have to keep explaining the reason why over and over again? I feel like he’s way too insecure with all this….mmm

    • Undead Lady-Parts of Ayn Rand

      Well, this is his first movie with any real budget, I believe his last film was Safety Not Guaranteed… which wasn’t exactly a tent-pole action blockbuster. So he could be feeling a little apprehensive about how the movie will be received.
      Especially considering Jurassic Park is one of those franchises where every internet fan nerd has their ideas about what the new movie should be and will endlessly bitch about anything that doesn’t fit their idea. Like a black stormtrooper.
      Considering his newcomer status to the blockbuster game, and how far out the release date is, he could be trying to calm down any (uniformed) backlash against the film so he doesn’t end up with the studio taking the film away from him to muck with the editing. Because executives involved with creative projects love forcing their bullshit, focus-grouped-to-death, ideas on a project, and then blaming the creative lead (in this case director) when their interference causes the project to tank.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I just love all the talk going around for this. It’s cool. I’m very excited for this, and I thought the trailer looked great.

  • baronterror

    for me the first one was an amazing classic. I have watched none of the sequels because the story is a one and done. Anything else is pointless. I may watch this when it comes on netflix or dvd out of curiosity with the new angle, effects, and Chris Pratt. But it still is the same idea and not a franchise that I thought needed to be a franchise.

  • It has dinosaurs in it. As long as they keep the spirit of the first film alive and give us quality CGI with the Dinos I am in!

  • Jonathan Larsson

    The director seems like a reasonable man; he seems to have a grip on the movie’s concept. A more real-world inspired JP could be a nice experience.

  • The trailer looked great, but I’m not sure how they will fight the dinos with that new fancy lightsaber

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