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These Are The Best Ghost Photographs Ever Taken

We love to watch movies about hauntings and ghosts, but accepting that these things might be real is a whole different story. Faked ghost photographs have been around almost as long as the camera, and in today’s digital age of photoshop and other tricks, if it looks unbelievable it probably is. Still though, for many seeing is believing, and if any photos are going to convince you that ghosts are indeed real these are the ones that will do it. All of the photos in this list have been examined and investigated to the point where they are believed to have legitimately captured images that cannot be explained by traditional science. Finding proof of the paranormal might not be possible, but the images caught in these photographs are hard to argue with.

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  • EvilWhiteMale

    All of these photos could have been manipulated or staged.

    • Bouncy X

      yeah thats the problem with ghost photos, unless you were there and saw it yourself…or can vouch that nobody was in the shot before you took it…its impossible to claim real or faked. its always been easy to fake, even more these days. so it literally is your word against everyone who doesn’t believe it.

      unless ghosts make some worldwide appearance where thousands if not more witness it….it’ll always be hard to prove photos real and convince non believers that ghosts are even real.

      some look cool and i’m in the “i wanna believe” camp, so some make you sorta hope and wish its real but you just can’t know for sure unless you’re there to witness or experience it.

      all that said, the very last one looks really fake, its as if the ghost was added after the fact. sorta reminds me of the effect many old cartoons have where you can tell a person or object will move or be disturbed before they do because its colored differently due to being a different cell than the backround.

  • Rustbukkit

    The Ghost of Boothill Graveyard – shadows are totally the same

  • Feonix

    I guess we will never know.

  • Patrick Rogers

    Just closely look at it….it’s the Virgin Mary. I believe in ghosts and have taken some cool pics myself but I am afraid that this is fake.

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