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New ‘The Walking Dead: Season 5’ Trailer Gets Violent

A new trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead‘s fifth season was just released and it shows Rick Grimes and the band of survivors fighting some unknown terror in a misty forest. The entire sequence is done in slow motion, almost like some hazy dream where the the ferocity and fear on every face is readily apparent.

Grimes states at the beginning, “Surviving. Surviving together is all that matters.” Considering that they are pretty okay with killing off beloved characters, that sounds more like a jinx than a promise.

The show continues on Sunday, February 9th at 9pm on AMC.



  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    why do they have to put music in it. WHY?! it cheeses it up soo much.

  • Jeff Paddock

    where was carl and judith?

    • Alanmac

      Oh wow I didn’t notice they were missing! Hopefully it means Carl is dead. GOD I would be happy if he goes away!!!

  • Jason L.

    3 more seasons and everyone can finally settle down… Rick’s beard.

  • LastCubScout

    Bah, that series will never be violent enough. It’s too much of a soap opera for comic geeks! Will they ever have an episode like ‘Game of Thrones’ with their viewers screaming and crying and cowering under their blankets, literally? I don’t think so.

    • Weresmurf

      If you were ever screaming, crying or cowering under your blankets with Game of Thrones, you’re pretty pissweak…

      • LastCubScout

        I’m talking about those YouTube videos of the screaming crying fans for that ‘Thrones’ wedding episode. That’s what shows should be aiming for. And yeah, I think those people are also pissweak!

        • SlimPickins420

          a note to walking dead writers, get more pregnant characters so you can off them for shock value.

        • Weresmurf

          lol oh man those people are just hilarious, if they do that at GoT, I’d love to drop them into watching a SAW movie…

    • Zebu

      I bet you have gonads the size of ostrich eggs too. Get over yourself, Ned Beatty.

  • J T

    Killing off beloved characters? They haven’t done that since Herschel.

  • Waveboy

    Ahh the walking dead….It doesn’t matter who gets killed, I feel next to nothing for the characters, and it relies to heavy on shock value with it’s zombie hack ‘n whack gore, half of which ends up being CG. The show overall has zero style or atmosphere either…..imagine if we got a spiritual successor/continuation of George a romeros Day of the dead…..that would be amazing….I loved the synthesizer based score in that one, really gets under your skin!
    Anyhoo, I still find myself tuning in to the walking dead, but I’m not OMFGodng over it like it so many people. Zombies are soooo played out in general.
    I’d rather watch American horror story or TMNT 2012. 😛

    • Winnipeg Marijuana

      Six of one and half a dozen of the other my friend. I’ve been creaming my jeans since a babysitter took me to see NOTLD at the driven in 68.

      Saw DOTD78 and Day85 on acid at the theatre and will pretty much watch anything zombie. Been doing it for over 45 years and will do it until I drop.

      You are more than free to watch Joel Osteen.


      • Waveboy

        on acid you say? wow. that must of been one hell of an experience, I ended up seeing the first Silent Hill on shroomies when it debuted back in the theatres. 😛 yeah, I know….that movies CANNOT compare to dawn or day, but it seemed more appropriate considering the movie was surreal(sort of) and trippy as fuck.
        Suspiria however is the grand daddy of atmosphere and surrealism. that movie doesn’t even require acid. it’s like a living breathing nightmare caught on film. favorite horror movie of all time for so many reasons

  • Jason L.

    A typical day in the glorious world of the Walking Dead Seasons 1,2,3,4 5, 6,7 and 8:

    Rick is talking to Daryl then suddenly he’s terrified and looks at something. (play tense music)
    Daryl looks at Rick’s face then looks at what he’s looking at. (amplify tense music)
    Omg it’s a walker! (play fast tempo music)

    Daryl is talking to Carol then suddenly he’s terrified and looks at something. (play tense music)
    Carol looks at Daryl’s face then looks at what he’s looking at. (amplify tense music)
    Omg it’s a walker! (play fast tempo music)

    X is talking to Y then suddenly X’s terrified and looks at something. (play tense music)
    Y looks at X’s face then looks at what X’s looking at. (amplify tense music)
    Omg it’s a walker! (play fast tempo music)

    After killing their 666th walker….

    Rick walks towards an unused cabin. He tells his group to wait while he investigates. (play tense music )
    He sees a toilet. (play tense music)
    Rick walks towards the toilet. (amplify tense music)
    Rick slowly and carefully sits on the toilet. (amplified tense music)
    Rick looks in the air with a confused look wondering where this tense music is coming from. (amplified tense music)
    Rick shrugs (amplified tense music)
    Rick cries (amplified tense music)
    Rick farts (amplified tense music)
    Rick decides it’s time. (play fast tempo music)
    Rick unloads number 1 (Increase tempo)
    Rick unloads number 2 (Increase tempo)
    Rick has just enough for number 3 (Increase tempo)
    Rick: “Oh lord. I’m still wearing my jeans! 🙁 “

  • Alanmac

    Worst teaser ever. Wow.

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