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‘The Strangers 2’ Finally Happening?!

Some big news out of EFM as it looks as if The Strangers 2 is finally headed towards the trailer park, Bloody Disgusting learned.

Marcel Langenegger (Deception) is now attached to direct with the screenplay by Ben Ketai (Chosen).

‘Strangers 2’ is a thrilling sequel that lives up to the hype of the original film. After financial troubles force them to move out of their house, a family of four try to make it through the night in a deserted trailer park while being hunted by the savage, ax-wielding, mask-wearing trio wrecking havoc once again.

Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Nathan Kahane and Trevor Macy produce.

This project has had more than a handful of false starts, so, until casting begins, I refuse to believe it’s a reality.




  • Adam Clifton

    Where’s Liv Tyler? She’s supposed to be in Strangers 2

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      How about you give the makers a chance to fucking breath first?

      • Adam Clifton


    • elpinche

      Yeah “Adam” , give the makers a break for fuck sake. GOD! You’re just like The Strangers stalking and maiming the FUCK out of the makers with your persistent whining about Liv Tyler. Don’t you know what he makers are going through right now??!

      • Adam Clifton

        are you serious? lol get a grip, it’s just a generic movie. And what ‘persisting’? This is the first time I mentioned her in the sequel. The original was a shit movie anyway

        • elpinche

          LOL. I was being facetious.

    • Kiujazi

      -sitting here laughing at the comments replied to you- But yeah I’m with you, I do believe that originally Liv was supposed to be attached to the sequel. Which given the amount of time between the films I wouldn’t blame her for not wanting to do it. Then again it could possibly be a surprise?

      • Adam Clifton

        haha I know right? Some people on this website need some serious help. At this point, she’d probably do a cameo appearance if anything

      • elpinche

        LMAO! I’m not a nutjob! …well I am, but not like that. I was just imitating the other nutjob who seemed to upset on behalf of the Strangers 2 production team for some reason.

        • Kiujazi

          Ah alright that’s fair. Sarcasm does not translate well over writing.

      • Romantic Placebo

        Does anyone care enough to remember her name? Kristen McKay apparently…

    • vmackey

      I will be waiting in front of Liv patio every single day ready to ask her if she will be in sequel. I’ll be banging on her door, every evening. When she go to sleep, I’ll get in her room and watch her sleep, waiting for her to wake up, to get you a answer. I will let you know how it goes, guys.

      • Adam Clifton

        You do that. And take some pics too. The Fappening anniversary is in August and we need new pics

    • Vortex

      In the first drat of the sequel, Liv gets killed on page 2. In the last draft by Bertino, she’s in the epilogue.

  • Adam Clifton

    It’s actually been 7 years since the first movie. I think they should remake it. Nobody would recognize any of the characters and they’d be scratching their heads trying to figure it out. Maybe have a bit of an origin this time out, so we can understand the motivations behind the three masked psychos. Can never go wrong with that

    • wehoaks

      You can go very wrong with explaining your antagonist away: later halloween sequels. Zombies Halloween films ring a bell? And they did explain their motivations in the first film: “Because you were home”.

    • AkumajoBelmont

      Origin stories suck the scares out of most horror films. In my eyes, at least, the less I know about the antagonist(s), the better. The Strangers was effective precisely because it was so vague in regards to the crazies.

      • Adam Clifton

        There was some slight sarcasm due to the two nutjobs who went at me earlier because I dared to mention the name, Liv Tyler

    • “can never go wrong with that” actually, it’s ALWAYS wrong. always.

    • Vortex

      Mockingbird takes place in the same universe as The Strangers. I always thought of it as the unofficial prequel; especially after the ending. Humble beginnings in home invasions.

  • VTTM

    Oh, yes! Please. I’ve been waiting so long for this. And yet so much crap has been funded and released instead 🙁

    • vmackey

      Oh c’mon. After earth wasn’t that bad.

  • wehoaks

    No mention of Bertino. Not a good sign.

    • ThunderDragoon

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Mick Thomas

      I would agree with you, that is until I saw the convoluted mess of an uninspired, “strangers” ripoff, the pointless period piece “Mockingbird.” As a result I have lost all faith in Bertino and honestly, it didn’t do any favors for Blumhouse’s standing either.

      • Oh, yeah, Mockingbird was terrible. I couldn’t even believe the same guy that made The Strangers (which I think was an excellent debut film) made such an awful second film. The sophomore slump, man. Many can’t seem to avoid it.

  • i hope this finally happens! i love the first one

  • Krug09

    I will have to see this part 1 again because i really didn’t like it when i watched it back in 09.


      Same here, I was bored out of my mind

      • Krug09

        …Thought i was the only one. This movie has its fans. I was looking to see a good movie. I was shocked the version i saw was 90 minutes. It felt like watching paint dry lol…

        • Wolf-man

          Glad to see that I’m not alone in my disappointment of The Strangers. I was expecting a decent slasher with all the hype but the movie was so dull and painfully cliche. It actually made me kind of angry, ha ha. There were a couple parts where I almost turned it off because of how cliche and predictable it was.

          • Krug09

            I am surprised i made it through it was so boring. It seemed really pretentious. Like you are suppose to enjoy the scenery and be amazed at watching people doing nothing.

    • vmackey

      Join the club. It’s the lifetime version of a slasher movies. Good for my mama, not for me.

      • Krug09

        lol. yeah… i was kind of putting it nicely. I didn’t like the movie very much at all. I remember at the time when it was first released on video, reviewing it, i was basically ripped apart for calling this “masterpiece” a bore fest.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    More slasher films would be nice period

    • vmackey

      This is just so frustrating that considering slashers are my favorite genre, 99,9% of these are complete crap. And I am among those who loved the Sorority Row remake, so my expectation are not that high.

      • I’m with you on Sorority Row. It’s a totally typical, cliche slasher but as a slasher lover I was totally onboard for that, especially after a number of years without many slashers on the big screen. I actually thought when SR came out in 2009 we were about to have a full fledged slasher revival ( the successful remakes of Friday and My Bloody Valentine also came out that year, as well as Zombie’s Halloween 2, though I hate to mention that one). But as quickly as they popped back up they just as quickly disappeared back into the straight to DVD/VOD realm for the most part. But I have faith a true glorious return to the big screen will happen one day.

    • Agreed 100 percent. Slashers have always been my favorite sub-genre. I dig the supernatural but we get a shit ton of those in theaters every year now. Scream resurrected slashers in the 90’s, we need a film to do that now.

      • jason4eva

        AH YES!!! I’m so sick of torture porn and now ghost stories/ demonic possession PLEASE bring back the slashers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I hope they will make it soon. I really like The Strangers; it’s got some of that suspense that I would’ve liked to see in a Halloween remake.

  • vmackey

    The strangers: the most overrated crap movie I have witnessed. Two hours of doors and windows banging doesn’t scare me much. I’m impressed to see that it did for a lot of people.

    • c-s-a78

      dude,you need to watch it on a surround sound!!!

    • Romantic Placebo

      Dude, you need to watch it while alone in the house, win the dark, with the door unlocked.

      A not to be forgotten experience.

  • James Packman

    oh please grow the fuck up – the first was excellent – what – not enough, blood, gore or rock music for you? no pretty 20 year olds ? fuck you and the horse you rode in on – people like you make me sick. Go back to watching your MTV crud.

    • part6productions

      Woah dude, it’s silly that people can’t dislike something without getting a reaction like this. I like the Strangers, but excellent? No. It’s 2nd act really pumps the brakes on everything the first act sets up. There’s plenty of reasons to disagree with you. So get over yourself. You make other people sick too, you know, especially with that film snob attitude you got there.

      • James Packman

        yea nah – you are one of these idiots who need to see gore and flash lighting – fuck you and the horse you rode in on asshole. Your tastes in movies – like you – is laughable.

        • part6productions

          HAHAHAHA- You know nothing of moron

          • James Packman

            that’s hilarious – if you don’t find anything creepy about THE STRANGERS, you are the one who needs an education on horrors. Pleb.

      • J Jett

        part6productions, apparently James Packman is really the director of THE STRANGERS. lol. why else would someone who has nothing to do with the making of the film have a complete meltdown/hissy fit over someone’s personal opinion of said film! lol.

        James Packman, you are either off your psych meds or you need to be on them.

    • DeadInHell

      Uh oh. It looks like somebody didn’t get enough attention from mommy as a child and now we all have to pay for it.

      The Strangers was 100% “MTV crud”. It’s funny that you think liking it somehow makes you a genre veteran though. Go back to being a plebeian waste of life and watching horror movies for babies, leave writing about horror to the adults.

      • James Packman

        Do not EVER RESPOND to anything I post you worthless ass wipe. EVER.

  • Vortex

    Doubt it’s happening. I think there has been too great of a gap between the release of the original. Money people are probably very nervous if the general public remembers.

    Bryan Bertino wrote a handful of drafts for this, btw. The abandoned trailer park setting was all his idea. All the drafts are quite good, creepy, and insanely grim.

  • Jason L.

    I would love to be chased and slaughtered by a random blonde in a mask.

    • vmackey

      Believe me… you don’t.

      • Jason L.

        Of course I do.

  • Victor

    Finally………To be honest I own the first on dvd and it’s pretty awesome. The simplicity of it in itself was creepy and the acting was actually on point. Why are they taking so long on this sequel, I don’t know but please stay with the tone of the original and the simplicity that was so dark, that’s what gave it it’s touch.

    • Rick Pilcher

      Liv Tyler KILLED it in this movie! She was so believable.

      • Victor

        Exactly, honestly one of her most depth like role.

  • As a fan of the first movie I’d love to finally get a sequel to this movie but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Stitches

    Dude, yes!

  • REC03

    the first movie was alright. i prefer the similar French film Them. The trailer for The Strangers is amazing though,

  • Cody

    I hope they made some major changes in the script. I read it a few years ago and it was AWFUL.

  • HighDefJunkies

    It’ll be crap unless Bertino is involved. Strangers is brilliant! Esp the first 40 min.

  • Frank

    This movie was boring to me, after this article now I’m really not looking forward to the sequel.

  • Sean Williams

    to me the original was a classic… i thought Liv Tyler was coming back??

  • as someone who LOVED the original, the problem is like others on here have said: it feels like it’s been WAY too long since the original; people may have forgotten, or might not even care.

    The MAIN thing is the fact that with all it’s false starts, square-ones, etc; it feels like it’ll take FOREVER, and when it finally DOES get made, it’ll be crap.

    Here’s hoping it’s actually [half-]decent?

  • KnightOfTears

    Wow, we wait 7+ years for a sequel to a classic movie, but now it’s been so long they could reboot the original and it would have more meaning than a sequel. It just seems they are reaching with this one. I was really excited for a sequel between 2008-2010, now I honestly hope it doesn’t happen.

  • Sutter Cane

    The idea for this is so generic. I was really hoping for something more. The ending of the first left open so many interesting possibilities.

  • 1EyeJack

    I enjoyed The Strangers, but a good part of the reason why is that when it came out, the “home invasion” genre hadn’t really existed. Now that there have been so many since then, if The Strangers were to be released today I don’t think it would have the same impact. So, to make a sequel to it now would have to offer something new and different in order to stand out from all of the other home invasion movies that have been made since. Fingers crossed…

  • jason4eva

    I really hope this is true but with the same trailer part script thats been going on for years I truly doubt this is real.

  • Darnell

    I love the original but it’s been to long. There have been so many home invasion movies over the past 5 years that I can’t see this movie doing well or having any impact.

    It will by generic by the numbers horror and offer nothing new. I don’t even think this movie needs a sequel at this point.

    It was a really solid horror movie (not great but solid), and at this point it just doesn’t need a sequel.

    Consider that if this movie didn’t have strangers 2 attached to it as a name it would be $3.00 DVD ben material at wal-mart.

    Don’t even bother making this…

  • Biddy

    I loved the first one .. but not sure I want to see an other . Except if it’s better :U

  • slipknotfreak9878

    I didn’t enjoy the first one at all. It had some cheap jump scares but mostly was just to predictable to be scary. The few good scare sequences where screwed up by giving them away during the trailer. Not to mention I was curious why the neighbors didn’t hear all of the screaming, or why when they ran out of the house they didn’t go straight to the neighbors house. It just felt week to me. As for sequel or remake, I don’t see a difference, there was no real story line so a sequel will really just be a new version of the same movie any way. Just not that interested.

  • SaltSlasher

    I bought this on DVD, the first one. I digged it, but they screwed up, way to long between sequels. I only want a sequel with the hotness back in it, Liv Tyler. However, they can make up for it with a hottie like Kate Beckinsale, but I would take an Amber Heard, or Chole Mortez.

    • jason4eva

      I LOVE your way of thinking!!!

  • Stitches

    YES! Mofuckas be gettin’ shanked!

  • Chriztian Wennersten

    I like this one but the french movie “Ils” were scarier in my opinion.
    Both movies are “Inspired by actual events” and both cases are extremely disturbing.

    I hope they make a sequel.

    • DeadInHell

      Ils was a joke. A bunch of 6 year olds menacing grown adults and I’m supposed to find that scary? Kick them out the window. Children aren’t a legitimate threat.

      The Strangers was dull, and full of lazy plot-lengthening cliches, but at least the antagonists posed a believable threat.

      Also, I’m calling bullshit on these being “inspired by actual events”. The “actual event” that Bertino based The Strangers off of was the one time that someone rang his doorbell as a child and then ran away. He was spooked by a game of ding-dong ditch. Real disturbing. Ils was “based on” a murder case that had nothing to do with roving bands of killer toddlers (if it even happened). They’re just movies. And bad ones at that.

  • Nick Greeley

    I’m down. The original is one of my favorites; definitely one of the better home invasion flicks!

  • Darren

    is this happening or not???

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