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‘The Crow’ Back to Square One…Again

The Crow

Annoyingly, Relativity and director Corin Hardy are searching for a new star for The Crow reboot, as Luke Evans has officially exited the project to pursue other projects, his publicist has confirmed to TheWrap.

Honestly, it’s all for the best as Evans wasn’t all that impressive in Dracula Untold, and we’re personally hoping that Thor‘s Tom Hiddleston comes back around to it. It’s just that, seriously, come on, make the movie already….

The site continued, Evans was poised to play Eric Draven when F. Javier Gutierrez was attached to direct The Crow, but production was delayed and with no new start date in sight, Evans was forced to pass and move on.

Hardy signed on in early December but has been busy with post-production on his feature debut The Hallow, which premieres at Sundance this week. Now that Evans has officially parted ways with the project, Hardy will have the opportunity to put together his own vision for the film.

The Crow



  • Thank God. The original for me is a masterpiece. Shaped me as a person. Period.

    • Krug09

      yeah man.. If you grew up in the 90s, The Crow was apart of a lot of peoples lives.

      • Adam Clifton

        I was 14 when The Crow came out. Me and my Dad saw it at the movies and had a great time. Not since 1986’s The Wraith had there been a supernatural revenge movie like that. When I heard the sequel, The Crow: City Of Angels, was coming in 1996 I dragged my whole family down to the movies to see it. Had I have known there’d be a scene of porn booth masturbation, I probably would have thought twice about it. But its still better than The Crow: Wicked Prayer

        • Shame for City of Angels as it has a killer score by Graeme Revell. The original cut was butchered. I would be curious to see it complete.

          • Adam Clifton

            Dimension Films was very busy screwing up a lot of their movies in 1995-1996 (Halloween 6, Hellraiser 4, The Crow 2)

          • So true.

          • Cthulhu

            Seriously. The Dimension films in the 90’s was like watching sausage being made. They were grinding out crap to grab as much money as possible, but it was all filler, no meat.

          • Jeremy Wade

            they did come out with a directors cut but their is no real difference and yea they did butchered it up. the 3rd film i feel was a good decent sequel and it came with a good sound track. i can’t be harsh about the 4th one . the studio gave me little budget and i think 2 weeks to film and finish but david b . did a good job at the role they gave him. the concept was good the crow vs the 4 horse men but they could have done it better and pick some one else to play the crow. edward f doesn’t fit that role to me

    • “The original is a masterpiece,”. Amen, brother (or sister)! Wish I could upvote your comment a million times. I agree 100 percent.

  • Adam Clifton

    See this as a sign. NO GODDAMN REMAKE!!! You want to do a new Crow movie, simply do a sequel about a woman who comes back as the Crow. Change it up. I don’t need to see another dead musician named Eric coming back to avenge the death of his fiancé. It’s been done to death already and the crow isn’t bringing it back apparently

    • Spike0037

      Read the comic, he wasn’t a musician qnd his last name wasnever mmentioned. If they are going to make it more like the comic i am all for thatbbut know what your talki g about first

      • Adam Clifton

        Slight difference does not a good movie make. The general movie-going audience will not separate the two. I still have people asking why they made eight movies of Freddy Krueger as a child molester

      • The changes were not that important. I have read the comic. It capture the atmosphere perfectly. So what if Top Dollar was not the main villain? The Top Dollar of the movie was more than awesome. Being a musician though gave it a more sad part in my opinion and created an Icon

    • Spike0037

      Tho things have changed a bit James will still have a hand in it If you read this you will know whats going in‘The Crow’ Creator Backs New Adaptation, Has Seen Luke Evans In Makeup!

    • Cthulhu

      Agreed. There’s a reason The Crow is a classic. And you’re going to be hard pressed to find someone with the acting and physical chops of a Brandon Lee.
      Hmm…..How old is Ray Park these days?

  • Krug09

    I am only interested in seeing another story on someone coming back for vengeance. I am not interested in seeing a remake of the original or close adaption to the comic book.

    • Adam Clifton

      I’d like to see a female Crow for The Crow 5. Is it that hard to write for a woman? No, much easier remaking the first one

    • Jeremy Wade

      they were gonna do a female one back in early 2000. they had a list of women they were thinking of. i know one was the actress who played trinity from the matrix film and the chick that was in the craft film. the one that ended up in a asylum at the end of the film. i forgot who else

      • Krug09

        I just want a completely different story, settings, characters, sound track and locations. I want everything “new” except for the fact that The Crow guides them… That’s it. We had a 94 film based on the comic. Excellent film. We had a similar movie City of Angels which is underrated IMO, then we had the copycat abortions. (Part 3 was watchable but not a good movie). As for a female… I wouldn’t mind as long as its a different film but i hear the female pitch all the time, its a little misguided. It sounds like They want The Crow 94 just with Shelly Draven as the vengeful spouse…. Which is completely retarded and wouldn’t work but thats my opinion. I also read the female Crow comic (Flesh and Blood) which sucked dick. I am sure with a good script it could be good though.

        • Jeremy Wade

          i enjoyed the 3rd film. the 2nd film could have been better if they hadn’t cut so many scenes out. they did a female crow on the tv series stair way to heaven played by Bobbi Phillips after she guest starred on the show. i saw a fan made crow film yrs ago. about couple getting revenge for their death as well the death of their unborn child. then i read about another fan made one being made about a female fan creating the female crow film about the character getting revenge on her best friend betraying her. i dunno if it got made or not. as foe the location . the location for the 3rd film was familiar . the 4th one no but i think the studio didn’t want the 4th one to be made . yea they should have a female one by now i dunno why they haven’t yet maybe their scared or something or haven’t thought of any female leads which is crap if that is the case because there is a lot of female leads out there but this is hollywood their gonna keep doing reboots after reboots after reboots and people gonna keep going to them

  • Werewolf

    Get Dan Stevens. That guy would own that role.

    I just hope they don’t screw it up as has so often been the case.

    • vmackey

      The guest was pretty bad, but Dan owned the role for sure. Very charismatic.

  • HorrorKing93

    I think they should just get rid of this all together.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    They should just give up. The movie was bad then, giving it an update would be like making another sequel.

    • vmackey

      Nobody is authorized to say that The Crow was bad. Because it would basically said that Brandon died for nothing.

      • Jonathan Larsson

        I have no disrespect for Brandon Lee. His death was tragic and he passed away far too soon.
        But I can never like a movie out of pity, that would be like lying to myself. I just never liked The Crow; not matter how many chances I’ve given it by watching. Reasons: It is awfully sappy, preachy and melodramatic. The story is inconsistent, most of the characters one-dimensional. It does have excellent artwork, but the rest around it just feels sort of cheesy.
        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Watching The Crow is like watching Twilight without Bella.

        • Adam Clifton

          Seeing as how Twilight came out years after The Crow, I don’t see how many people would compare the two. The Crow is a great modern classic movie, Twilight is homoerotic fan-wanky garbage ripping off both TV’s Buffy and Roswell

          • Jonathan Larsson

            Uh-huh, well while it’s given that The Crow is less homo-erotic, it none the less feels like a collage of pent-up teenage angst that occasionally grunts as a confirmation of emotion. Difference here is that the goth-genre that this movie seems to base itself off was considered “cool” in the 90’s. Now it just feels difficult and kind of yawn-worthy.
            Twilight just feels like a propaganda-sheet for unattractive girls that can’t get boyfriends.
            The goth kids in South Park, while possibly overdone, just about clarifies why I find The Crow unlikeable.

          • Adam Clifton

            What came first though? The Crow (1994) or goths?

          • Jonathan Larsson

            Some people may ponder their entire lives asking whether the chicken or the egg came first. I on the other hand say: Who gives a damn?
            Not all goth-related fiction is superficial and melodramatic, but I’d say the Crow movie is. Don’t know about the original comic though.

          • Adam Clifton

            I say the egg came first. Cells formed and created an egg which hatched the first chicken. I can’t picture a chicken appearing out of thin air and laying the first egg

          • Jonathan Larsson

            Whatever, I leave up to the theorists.

        • Preachy? What are you talking about? And I am sorry do not even compare Twilight with the crow. Really?

          • Jonathan Larsson

            I find it preachy because of the one-dimensional and nonsensical villains, who feels like they would do better as cannon-fodder in a Robocop-movie. Plus I hate the movies in-you-face-anti-drug-message, where Eric Draven just pulls the drugs out of the white-trash mamas body like a messia-character. I swear, that part of movie feels like it was picked straight out of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.

            I know the villains are supposed to be depraved beyond reason, but when they’re depicted so cartoon-like, i feel that it hurts the movie. And what prevents the movie from giving a more open fate for the drug-addict mother? Like, quitting isn’t easy; it’s a long and painful process. Making her appear in a completely changed and nearly saint-like mother form after this is like letting her off the hook for her irresponsibility as a mother, give her a free-passage card to salvation rather than letting her redeem herself properly.

          • Full Frontal Squashing

            Different strokes for different folks. The Crow is a classic. I am sure you can go back to watching Cabin in The Woods! Believe That

          • Jonathan Larsson

            I might just do that 😀

        • Darkness69

          What? Mentioning that pile of garbage in the same sentence with The Crow??? Blasphemy!

          • Jonathan Larsson

            Blasphemous for you maybe, but for me the both of them just rub me the wrong way.

            If I want to experience a good romantic story with super-natural fantasy themes, I watch Ghost. If I want to watch a good revenge movie, I watch Kill Bill. If I want to see tragic romance and adventure, I watch The Hunchback of Notre-dame from 39.

  • Darkness69

    That moment in the film (pictured above) gets me every time. I’m glad Evans exited – now if everybody else would do that, I’d be more than happy. We don’t need “a closer adaptation of the comic” or whatever – we have a perfect film already.

  • reverenddarkness

    It’s not like y’all need my opinion, but y’all are getting it anyway. My theory about the continued delays is based on a question:

    Why do they need a big name actor in his late 30’s or early 40’s to play Eric?

    Lee was 28 when “The Crow” was filmed, and it was perfect to capture the ‘old enough to know better, but young enough to do it anyway’ vibe that O’Barr bled into the pages of the comic. Every time I saw Evans or Hiddleston discussed, I always thought they were too old. I would rather see a younger, agile, emotional actor play the newest interpretation of Eric. I would go so far as to say that I think Ezra Miller might be good (to tie up his schedule and prevent him from being “The Flash” is a completely unintended consequence, I assure you).

    Eric is a young man. Period. When they find a director/producer/actor combination that all agree on that, I think the rest of the production will fall into place.

  • Bill-Carson


  • Frank

    Dude its a sign just move the fuck on! Why remake a masterpiece?! They’d just turn it into a masterpiece of shit

  • sliceanddice

    The original is one of my favourite films. i can see the argument for a remake – i.e. perhaps the film is dated, BUT what a lot seem to forget is that many films are simply of their time and that is a fantastic thing. Enough with the remakes. Bring on the new movies from the new writers and emerging directors. And don;t tell me the talent isn’t out there! (Now, when is the hell raiser reboot out?!!!)

  • Spike0037

    Holy shit people read what they’re doing with the movie. They will be remaking the comic not the movie. The movie will not be the blueprint, the comic will be the blueprint. That what they want to make. What is it you people don’t understand. The only thing that the movie and comic had in common were name’s. But Eric wad not a musician and didn’t have a lastname. They didn’t put in the skull cowboy.I love THE CROW but I think seeing a close adapted version would be cool. I believe James o’Barr creator of The Crow has his hands on this and they let him do his thing to help it will be great

    • Jeremy Wade

      actually in the 1st one the skull cowboy was put in but they took him out. the scenes are on youtube . they should just make a extended directors cut add the scenes they took out . the skull cow boy should have stayed in the final film

  • Cichy

    I’m glad Luke Evans is out. Never seen him be good in anything

  • EmilyQualls

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  • LuJr81

    While I absolutely love The Crow, I really wouldn’t mind seeing a remake. I haven’t read the comic which is pretty fucking lazy on my part but as much as comic book movies are booming now, why not? I would love to have more dark serious tone comic book movies like Kick Ass, Punisher, or The Crow. Well Kick Ass wasn’t too serious but it was bloody as fuck lol. But Brandon Lee left some huge shoes to fill, he was amazing as Eric Draven.

    • Weresmurf

      The comic is *nothing* like the movie.


      * Eric and Shelly are killed by the roadside, not in a loft. Eric is shot and lay dying next to a deer (I think it was a deer?), as he watches Shelly get pack raped by TBird and his crew.

      * In the comic Eric (his surname is never said, Draven is a creation for the movie), is a hulking, almost unnatural presence.

      * He kills with a six shooter. When he kills someone, he ties the spent shell into his hair.

      * Sarah in the comic is ‘Sherri’ and has nearly nothing to actually do with the plot, she meets Eric on a doorstep, and that’s really, about it.

      * T Bird is the leader of the gang in the comic, there is no Top Dollar.

      * Devils Night does not exist in the comic.

      * The gang is a more ‘traditional’ gang of thugs in the comic, not this ‘mob’ like gang in the movie.

      * The comic book never says Eric would lose his powers if the crow was destroyed.

      Now, this does not mean the comic is bad, the comic is phenomenal. It’s brutal, lean and fantastic. I recommend reading it. The movie is great too. But the movie was very watered down. They’re very different animals. If they can make a true ‘comic book movie’ out of the comic, damn I’d love that, because both could equally exist, equally as good.

      • Stitches

        If they got it right, in that regard, okay. That would be cool. But I still don’t think anybody’s going to play a better Eric Draven than Brandon Lee. Watch, it’ll be fucking Jared Leto or Joseph Gordon Levitt or some shit like that. Ugh.

        • Weresmurf

          A better Eric Draven no. But Eric from the comics personality is 100 percent different.

          • Stitches

            I just have such little faith in reboots. If they’re done with some consideration for the source material, okay that’s cool. But that doesn’t happen enough.

          • Weresmurf

            I agree 100% with you, to me this one gets a pass only based on the fact the original was *so* different, it would be nice to see the comic done faithfully. I love the original, it’s one of my all time favorite movies, but I’d seriously love to see it made properly 🙂 I just don’t know if they could possibly recapture that magic again.

          • Stitches

            It’s almost like they gotta find a happy medium. The J. O’Barr comic deserves proper adaptation, but so many people loved the movie. I’d hate to be under that kind of pressure.

          • Weresmurf

            Yep. Josh Tranks under that sort of pressure with Fantastic Four at the moment. He’s got to find a new vision, can’t go with *anything* resembling the older movies as he has to establish his own identity, has to establish his own foothold etc. It’s a position I don’t envy *anyone* being in…

          • Stitches

            Dude, that movie’s gonna be good, though. If it’s anything like the teaser, I’m down. And I don’t even get into F4.

          • Weresmurf

            I’m eager for it too, loved the teaser.

      • Full Frontal Squashing

        I agree 100%! If they try and capture the feel of the comics, don’t Hollywood-ize it, this could be epic. I am afraid they won’t, but here’s hoping

        • Weresmurf

          Low budget, down and dirty, grimy, almost cheap looking. Has to have that dirty as fuck, junkie look and feel to it, that nasty ‘independent amateur’ feel to it almost.

  • The film and the graphic novel are so very different. As long as they keep it in line with the comic and not the movie. The movie should be left alone, its a cult classic in its own rights.

    I would like to see a true adaptation of the comic.

  • James Allard

    No, thank you.

  • Darnell

    The Crow is such an amazing movie, and I think it still holds up well even now. Please we don’t need a remake.

  • Sharon Pope

    Please do not disrespect Brandon Lee by doing a remake of this classic, it was awesome the first time around and it should stay that way.

    • Stitches

      For real. Nothing is sacred. The guy actually died filming a movie about vengeance amidst the most devastating scene (Eric walking in and finding Shelly getting brutally violated). Leave it alone, guys. Come on. Just go away and write some new shit.

      • Riku Ruohomäki

        First time around was the comic, the movie came second. From what little info there’s been leaked from the production, the reboot is going to be based on the original comic more than the Brando Lee movie. I’d like to see that version. In the Brandon Lee movie, there was some added story content, but most of the poetry and surreal dream content was removed. Actually the story is very thin: Eric rises from the dead, sees hallucinations and memories of his wife, avenges their murder, killing the people one by one, then dies again. In the movie version there were a few twists in the end, which made it closer to a typical Hollywood movie. As much as I like the movie, I’m not sure if making it more like a standard Hollywood action movie was the right way to go, for the story. It could have been, from a commercial perspective, but I’m curious to see how this will turn out.

        • Stitches

          I hope so, man. Just saying that’s a corpse I wouldn’t want to be digging up.

  • Ryan Aubichon

    The person who suggested remake of ‘The Crow’…….should be shot and pissed on!!!!

  • Travis Mac Gearailt

    Is there no corpse sacred enough that the creatively bankrupt clowns in Hollywood won’t dig up, and sodomize in a morbid attempt to squeeze out a few dollars?

  • Joseph

    I want the crow reboot movie action figures to be made.

  • Craline

    Please dear god make Tom Hiddleston happen for a remake, if anything. If they can’t get him, they shouldn’t do anyone.

  • Allen Wilson

    They need to scrap the project out if respect for Brandon Lee. They want to bank in the success if the first film but that film made more than all the sequels combined for a reason. There NEVER needssm to be another crow. The fans don’t want it, the former actors don’t want it. Its disgusting that relativity don’t care about anything g but money. The remake WILL tank. thete are groups who will picket theaters and many petitions gave been signed. DONT REMAKE THE CROW!

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