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Front Line Assembly ‘Hard Wired’ Remastered Album Stream (Exclusive)

It was 20 years ago that Canadian industrial legends Front Line Assembly unleashed one of the most lauded and respected albums in the genre: Hard Wired. It was an album that revolutionized and upended the electronic world, redefining and rewriting the rules. And now, after two decades, the album will be remastered and rereleased with a whole bevy of additional goodies.

Artoffact Records has put together an insane 6LP boxset that features the album on 2LP vinyl, Live Wired, the band’s 1996 live album, on 3LP vinyl, and lastly the Circuitry single on 1LP. All of these albums were remastered from the original tapes by Greg Reely and Bill Leeb. Everything comes packaged in a deluxe lift-off lid style vinyl-sized collector’s box.

Metal fans should remember that Devin Townsend was the man behind the guitars on this album, so you’ll hear his crunchy goodness!

To celebrate this amazing release, we’re premiering the full Hard Wired remastered album stream, which you can hear below! It’s got all the songs AND an additional track, the “Circuitry Predator Mix”!

There are only going to be 300 copies available worldwide, 150 with blue vinyl and 150 with deluxe clear/red effect version. So make sure to pre-order your copy of the Hard Wired 20th anniversary 6LP boxset via Storming The Base.

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  • incognito schmuck

    Why is it always vinyl?!? I understand that the medium is back in style but a CD release would be great as well 😀 Or…

    • Death Records

      That way they can charge insane amounts of money under the guise that it’s a “collectors edition”, and rubes fall for it.

      • If it’s actually remastered for vinyl, there’s going to be a sound difference. The thing is that vinyl collectors often connect their turntable to great sound systems. People who play CDs statistically run the music through their laptop or computer speakers. I’m a vinyl collector and I’ll happily pay a bit extra because I know that my system will demonstrate a difference that I can appreciate. For me, it’s 100% worth the money.

  • lily weeks

    I am sure this will be pirated out the @ss. I would have definitely bought the cd version.

    • Keep showing interest! The more that people state this, the more the labels take notice!

  • Clint O’Connel

    Who lusts after a CD version? Most cars and laptops aren’t even made with CD players anymore. I don’t know anyone under 21 that has own a CD player. If you buy a CD the first thing you do is burn it to computer. So just download it.

    The only reason you want a CD is to stick it on your wall or in your shelf. The vast majority of “collectors” will tell you vinyl is much more appealing for that physical trinket.

    If you don’t care about vinyl, fine. But lusting after a CD… there is a reason most labels are phasing it out. It’s 2015 and 80-90% of people don’t even buy CD’s anymore. Hell I can’t even find a place it my city that sells music on CD’s except for the pawn shops where you can get them for like 50 cents. Bottom line is most people under 25 look at them like most look at VHS tape.

  • markajacoby

    Clearly there’s a bunch of 18 year olds on this site. Vinyl is hands down the best sound. Put a record on a good system and it blows away anything that a cd or download can produce. And who lusts after a cd? This (apparently) old fart dinosaur does. I hate that we’ve gone to downloading and streaming. God I lust for the days when you went to the record store (yes, we actually had to do that at one point) and you could then spend days dissecting the album version and it’s liner notes. And not all of us burn everything to our computer. Holy crap, I just sounded like an old person, but FLA was around when stuff was still on cassette’s so for those of us who bought this when it first came out, this is cool as hell!!!

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