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ABC’s Old ‘Alien’ Ad Is Laughably Strange

When you’ve got nothing to lose, there’s nothing you won’t try.

When it comes to Alien, what the hell does that even mean? At no point during Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece would I even once thing that was an appropriate tagline! However, back when ABC aired the movie on TV, the first time it appeared on network television, that was precisely the tagline they used.

Head below to check out the advertisement, which seems like it came out of one of those TV Guide magazines.




  • Ayeegit

    Looks like Ripley is ready to go Kung Fu Fighting…

  • huntermc

    In space, no one can hear you try.

  • J Jett

    it’s bad-ish but i actually kind of like it!

  • Daniel Anderson

    My problem is the gun looking thing. Otherwise they did some crazy things (makeshift weaponry, etc) in order to try to survive.

  • j.c

    It looks like a cheap made 80’s spy movie ala’ Order of the Black Eagle LOL

  • Pali-Azzar

    The guy behind Skerritt looks like the dad in “Lost In Space.” 🙂

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Ripley looks stoned off her ass.

  • KeithAdams

    These were the days. Network television airing horror movies in primetime or any movie in general in primetime. Now it’s just shows, shows, shows, shows with only room for movies in the summer, holidays or hiatus. I long for days of more movies in primetime.

  • ged

    I’ve had this, even in the slightly less prestigious world of small community theatre. Never, ever, assume that the PR people understand the product. Hell don’t even assume they’ve seen it – what did they work off of there, the blurb on the back of the laserdisc?

  • This is silly because we all recognize ALIEN’s tag line as one of the best in cinema history! I’m guests ng that ABC was attempting to lure in more of a “family” viewership in their more than likely edited to shreds TV cut of the film…

    • ari rottenberg

      It’s also odd because it sounds like it would have been great for “Aliens”.

  • Tyrannorabbit

    Anyone know the year?

    • ari rottenberg

      I actually remember watching the movie when it debuted – it was either ’83 or ’84. My parents were looking into buying this old house that was a major fixer-upper. In my childhood memory, the house is an immense, dead husk. I was terrified that my parents would actually move into that thing – and then that night, Alien was on. Now whenever the run Alien , and I see the insides of either the Space Jockey ship or Nostromo, all I can think about is that gutted interior of that house.

  • Nasty In The Pasty

    I didn’t know Pam Grier was in this…

    • ari rottenberg

      You’re confusing that with “Aliens v. Predator v. Foxy Brown”. I hear that Tarantino wants to do that one.

  • xn0

    Love the Flash Gordon Gun in Sig’s hand.

  • Sean

    Harry Dean Stanton deserves a credit as much a Yaphet Kotto does!

  • ari rottenberg

    An online copy of “New York Magazine” from 1984 has a TV listing section showing this was broadcast around March 20th, 1984.

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