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‘Maniac’ and ‘Amityville’ Director Begins At ‘Entry Level’

Franck Khalfoun

Veteran Hollywood producers Craig Perry and Sheila Taylor (Final Destination) of Practical Pictures announced today the action/thriller Entry Level.

Written by Benjamin Hurley, Entry Level will be directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Franck Khalfoun who recently completed the upcoming Amityville: The Awakening starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, as well as the incredible remake of Maniac.

After he mysteriously awakens in a super high-security office building, a young man is forced by a mysterious stranger to complete a strictly timed series of dangerous tasks that will implicate him in a deadly crime with global consequences.

Perry and Taylor will produce alongside Tom Butterfield.

The Producers are currently casting the project, which is set to start shooting in the Fall.



  • ‘Final Destination’ wasn’t a bad movie, but the ‘Maniac’ remake was a TOTAL disappointment for me. They lost me from the very first kill when he stabs that woman under the chin and then caresses her face. No blood comes out when he stabs her, and she doesn’t try to scream or anything, it was just unrealistic and surreal. The voyeuristic approach to filming was kinda cool, but his ideas were not actualized and fell flat. Hope he improves his craft because he had some good ideas that were just shoddily presented.

    • Charlotte Rich

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    • Zachary Paul

      Agreed. I thought the Maniac remake was misogynistic trash. Yes, the original is sleazy but it does a great job of digging into the mind of a killer and manifesting visually the horror of the mind. The remake seemed aimless which maybe was the point. About 30 minutes in though I just didn’t care.

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