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Tom Six Calls ‘Human Centipede’ the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Of Its Generation!

Human Centipede 3, image via IFC and Six Ent.

Tom Six’s third Human Centipede is assembling its way to theaters and VOD this coming Friday.

Many are fans of the franchise, some watch it out of morbid curiosity, and others just wanna be part of the “club”.

Whatever the case, Six promises to up-the-ante with IFC’s Human Centipede Part 3 (Final Sequence) with a 500-person centipede assembled inside a prison.

During an interview with the BBC, he talks about everything from the film’s genesis to protestors, and even the film’s long-lasting legacy (he calls it the Texas Chainsaw Massacre of its generation).

Tom Six began his career directing Big Brother, the reality TV show, in the Netherlands but he always wanted to break into feature films. The idea that helped him do it, he says, came as he watched a news report about a paedophile.

“His crimes were so awful I asked myself, ‘What is the most extreme punishment that could be handed out to him?’. That’s how the ‘Human Centipede’ concept was born.”

“When I was casting the first film in New York, I explained the concept at the auditions and almost everyone walked away,” Six says. They thought the idea was just too disgusting. They’d say, ‘I didn’t go to acting school to be degraded in this way. You are a pervert!’ Eventually we found actors with faith in the concept and the result has made movie history.”

Six describes the ‘Human Centipede’ as “the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ of its generation”.

“These are the films that teenagers dare each other to watch. I think people will be talking about the concept in 100 years,” he says. “Once you’ve watched the films the myth nests in your mind. You can’t get rid of it. People will tell their children about the idea.”

I love Six, and his Human Centipede movies. He’s unapologetic and knows exactly what he’s doing – and the one thing he’s not doing (believe it or not) is trying to punish the audience. “These films have a lot of layers. They are dark comedies. They are horrible films, not horror films,” Six explains to those who don’t quite “get the joke”.

There’s a lot more great stuff over at BCC, which I urge you to read.

As for the final Human Centipede, I can’t wait until Friday to see what madness Six has assembled this time.

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  • Mr. Dry

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Ok, I get it, they’re pretty bloody and disgusting, but at least the first and the second one are also pretty bad films, horribly acted and directed, so, Six, NOPE.

  • Yeah… or not.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    They are really stretching the word “assembling” in these articles, to the point where it doesn’t make sense in context. Just saying.

    • Leebo

      I’d like to see Tom Six’s take on the Avengers Assembling……

  • wehoaks

    Yeah no. This guy is so full of shit (yes I’m saying that). Actors walked away? Fuck off with your fake hype bullshit. Terrible films. Terribly written, acted, and directed. The most foul thing about these movies is this guy’s ego.

    • Jacob Godfrey

      tam tham

    • Krueg518

      Predetermined stupidity. The 3rd wasn’t even released yet you faggot troll. Go die of aids but first stop liking your own comments with multiple accounts.

    • Noah Knowles

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  • Maxime C

    Tom Six seems really, really humble.

  • Calavera Sonriente

    So Tom Six got the inspiration for HC while thinking about a gruesome way to punish a paedophile? Mh… okay but then he could’ve stuck to that concept of punishment and created some kind of “is punishing such evil people justice or vigilantism” material. Defecating in each others mouths would still have been too disgusting but at least the randomness could’ve been avoided a tiny bit more. Maybe I ACTUALLY don’t get it and it IS a social commentary on the dangers of capitalism or something… or a highly intelligent dark comedy whose wit is too much for me to process… But I kinda doubt it 😉

  • sliceanddice

    probably true – hyped up to all hell then slightly disappointing when you finally get around to seeing it 20 years after it comes out.

    • Christopher Pelton

      You will probably catch crap for that comment but I couldn’t agree with you more. I can not understand the appeal of either one of those movies.

      • sliceanddice

        cheers man. appreciate the likemindedness

  • TheWorst

    Tom Sux

  • Cement Head





  • Mad Full Frontal

    Tom Six Sux, along with everything he does!

  • G.A. McGillivray

    So excited – will be watching this this weekend for sure…. One of very few movies I’ve been looking forward to for more than a year…

    • Mad Full Frontal

      You gave me the best laugh I have had all day. Thank you

  • Megaonan

    what a douchebag…

  • Umm Texas Chainsaw did an entirely different thing with a different vibe…

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