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‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ To Haunt Halloween Horror Nights!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the 2015 edition of the Halloween Horror Nights, which takes place at Universal Orlando from September 18th through November 1st, will see a new haunted house themed after the 2003 slasher horror Freddy Vs. Jason.

Creative Director of the event Michael Aiello states, “Our goal this year is a nice blend of things that recognize the history of our event.

The attraction begins with guests going through a Camp Crystal Lake-themed maze followed by entering Elm Street. It all culminates with guests entering the middle of a fight between Freddy and Jason. According to Aiello, it’s never clear who wins the battle as the outcome will change each time.

According to the official press release, here is what attendees can look forward to:

Weave through Elm Street and straight into Freddy Krueger’s nightmares
Visit Camp Crystal Lake and come face-to-face with the hockey-masked killer, Jason Voorhees
Witness iconic kills – and become the next target
Fight to survive the terrifying showdown between the two titans of terror

Halloween Horror nights will run 30 nights through the dates mentioned above and will have nine total haunted houses.



  • Christopher Pelton

    My trip is already booked so let’s hope that this is better than the movie.:)

    • DisqusRaider

      that wont be hard lol

  • Dan Hoffman

    bring it to Hollywood Horror Nights

    • DisqusRaider

      apparently they wont be bringing that 🙁 time to book my flight for orlando.

  • A. Ryan

    Goddammit! Freddy VS. Jason AGAIN!? How many times as it been with Universal having this same ole same ole for HHN?

    • DisqusRaider

      i havent seen it since 08.

  • Porty Guil

    will somebody please give ken kirzinger a job. he’s been living in a van down by the river for years

    • DisqusRaider

      nope! dont want him to ruin my freddy vs jason night at universal. he would probably run from a glass of water i am holding.

  • Geno1987

    Can we please forget about the remakes and get a Freddy vs Jason 2

    • I Am Colossus

      Yes thank you!

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