'Demon Knight' And 'Bordello Of Blood' Coming To Blu-Ray
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‘Demon Knight’ and ‘Bordello Of Blood’ Coming to Blu-ray



Scream Factory has announced via their Facebook that they will be releasing “Collector Edition” Blu-rays for two Tales From The Crypt films just in time for Halloween: Demon Knight and Bordello Of Blood. The only piece of information they’ve released is that the films will be released on October 20th and that they will include newly-commissioned artwork. No extras have been announced as the company wasn’t planning on revealing this information until late next week.

The synopsis for Demon Knight reads:

Brayker is a man who carries the last of seven keys, special containers which held the blood of Christ and were scattered across the universe to prevent the forces of evil from taking over. If The Collector gets the last key, the universe will fall into Chaos, and he has been tracking Brayker all the way to a small inn in a nowhere town. And now the final battle for the universe begins……

Bordello Of Blood:

Dennis Miller plays a private investigator who ends up in a bordello run by vampires, led by the Mother of all Vampires, Lilith.