The Fog, Saw 2 and Final Destination 3 Shooting Dates

Three huge films looking for a late 2005, early 2006 release are set for production. Inside you’ll find the shoot dates for the following: Lions Gate Films’ Saw 2, which will be directed by Darren Bousman and is aiming for an October 28th, 2005 release; Revolution Studios’ The Fog remake, which is set for an October 14th, 2005 release; and New Line Cinema’s Final Destination 3 in 3D, which is still waiting on a date.
HNR reports:

“Saw 2 is a lock to shoot in Vancouver in the coming months. Details are still developing and we’ll let you know when we hear any dates.

The Fog, under the direction of Rupert Wainwright, has set filming dates of March 14th thru May 16th at Lion’s Gate Film Studios.

And last but not least Final Destination 3, which is still supposedly going to be shot in 3D, will start rolling on March 21st and wrap on June 9th under the direction of HNR Favorite, James Wong. Production will also take place at Lion’s Gate Film Studios in North Vancouver.”

Source: HNR