Details on ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ Clip Revealed

What is up boys and girls? It’s The Raven here from Freeze Dried Movies bringing you some very awesome kick arse Devil’s Rejects (test screening review) information for you. You see I picked up the Saw DVD today and with my edition of the DVD, thanks in part to the store I bought it in gave us a bonus disc that came with a preview of Devil’s Rejects. So check inside to read about my little review of this very, very awesome five minute clip. Be warned that even though the unrated clip is just shy of five minutes, it does contain spoilers so enter at your own risk.

My review of the clip is here:

The clip fades in and it shows a lady’s face, dirty, bruised and bloody. Then she starts to move, but unfortunately for her, it is because she is being dragged by everyones favorite burn victim Tiny. Fortunately for Tiny, the lady is very, very naked and I assume that Tiny is taking her back to his bachelor pad for a little fun. After the camera zooms over the naked lady, who appears to be very, very dead, the camera comes in to several police cars slowly driving up a road to get to the good ole Firefly house. Tiny lifts his mask off to show us his disfigured face and then back to the all the police quietly arriving at the Firefly house. Mother Firefly runs down a set of steps screaming about all the “pigs” out there and then enters Baby with shotgun in hand, pumps her shotgun and tells Mother Firefly to move. Baby and Everyone is yelling about the “pigs” out front and Otis appears with a line about seeing the cops. Out pops Sheriff John Wydell (William Forsythe) telling everyone to get ready to open fire. As he starts the countdown, the Firefly clan puts on what look like homemade armor helmets and preparing for a firefight. As the countdown ends, the bullets fly from both ends. The bullets are just flying in every direction, and Sheriff John Wydell takes one in the bullet proof vest, flinching just for a second and then unleashing a hail of gunfire and ordering tear gas. As an unknown police officer throws tear gas, the police prepare for storming the house, as they bust the door down and enter Otis slowly pops up from behind whatever he is hiding behind and looks like he is about to open up a can of whip arse. Unfortunately, the clip ends as soon as he pops up from behind his hiding spot. This clip was just what I needed to bring me over the top about this film. As everyone knows who visits the forum here, I am a huge House of 1000 Corpses fan and even a bigger Rob Zombie fan, so this clip was a welcome treat. If you can pick up the DVD at Best Buy, it made my day.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting