Official Word on ‘One Missed Call’ Remake

As we first reported on here, Takashi Miike’s freaky Japanese film One Missed Call (original details) is ripe for the remaking here in the US and official details have now been announced. Read on for the story. In other news a sequel to the original is already being penned for a Japanese release…
Variety reports:

Intermedia has paired with Kadakowa USA to produce and finance an English-language remake of the Japanese horror hit “One Missed Call.”

In the pic, a college student fails to answer a cell phone call because she doesn’t recognize the caller’s ringtone. Later, when she plays the message, the time stamp is three days in the future and she hears her own voice as she’s being killed.

Kadakowa Pictures USA is the Los Angeles-based arm of Kadakowa Shoten Publishing. Previous Kadakowa remakes include “The Ring” franchise, “The Grudge” franchise, “Shall We Dance” and “Dark Water.”

Scott Kroopf, president of Intermedia’s Motion Picture Group, will produce with Kadakowa’s Lauren C. Weissman, Jennie Lew Tugend and Shinya Egawa, prexy of Japan’s Kadakowa Films.

Devon Schiff, Lindsey Dold and Alison Haskovec will oversee the project for Intermedia.The original “One Missed Call” was directed by Japanese helmer Takashi Miike. Pic’s sequel, “One Missed Call II,” opened two weeks ago and has grossed north of $6 million.

Source: Variety