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‘Zombie Army Trilogy’ Invades Retail Today

After a bit of a wait, a boxed edition of the solid Zombie Army Trilogy has finally joined the digital version that released in March. This bundle of goofy Nazi zombie genocide simulators is the pinnacle of B-grade horror movie goodness that brings together over-the-top gore, cheesy dialogue and environments you’ll swear were inspired by haunted houses — the good ones, not those cheap haunts — in a moderately flawed package.

If you prefer to get all up on your games in a way that wouldn’t be possible with a digital version, physical copies of the Zombie Army Trilogy are out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

The Zombie Army Trilogy brings with it remastered versions of the first two Nazi Zombie Army games, as well as a third story campaign that’s unique to the bundle, and a (mostly unnecessary) wave survival mode. If you’re unsure about it, I called it “silly, B-movie fun” in my review. Just make sure you have someone to play it with.




  • Phendranah

    It’s been out in Australia for months haha

    • Put some shrimps on the barbie! That’s not a knife! Dingos! Babies! Prison colonies! Don’t call them Kiwis!

      I think I might have a weirdly specific form of Tourette’s Syndrome…

      • Phendranah

        Hahahaha you did not just bombard me with cliche’s ๐Ÿ˜›

        And call em Kiwi’s all you want lmao.

        • I know, I’m bad people. Don’t Aussies and Kiwis dislike each other, or is that another lie movies told me?

          • Phendranah

            Nah we get along fine ๐Ÿ˜€

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