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‘Silent Hill 3’ Theory Continues With “The Yellow God”

A few weeks ago, I posted a very interesting fan theory created by YouTuber RangarRox about the strange character of “The Red God” that is mentioned throughout Silent Hill 3. Now, this theory goes one step further by analyzing the identity of “The Yellow God”, the other piece of the Silent Hill puzzle.

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Once again, it’s a fascinating concept and it still blows me away how much went into the creation of the Silent Hill mythos. It’s either that or how far the fans will dig to ensure things make sense. Either way, it’s awesome and I love seeing this passion!



  • Nothing333

    Thanks for posting this very thoughtful and well supported analysis. It really shows how possibly deep the Solemt Hill rabbit hole goes.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    It was interesting but the Red God video was way more interesting and easily the highlight of the series, the second best being about PT and MK Ultra, though I look forward to what else he’ll do with his MOTW series. Also, I hope he works on his pronunciation of words.

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