What’s New in the ‘Resident Evil 0’ HD Remaster


Capcom has released a couple of developer diaries for the Resident Evil 0 HD remaster they’re bringing to most platforms early next year. The game looks to be about on par with the excellent remaster of the Resident Evil remake that released this past January.

In the videos I have waiting for you below, producer Tsukasa Takenaka and director Koji Oda detail some of the improvements they’ve made to update the 13-year-old game’s environments and characters for audiences old and new.

Resident Evil 0 HD releases on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2016.


  • Werewolf

    I will buy the shit out of this! Get to relive my youthful Gamecube days!
    Be nice if they threw in some cool new costumes and maybe a new weapon or two for Rebecca and Bill.

  • huntermc

    Wow, did it really come out that long ago?

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    shame we have to wait until January to play it. I’m guessing they’ll release one remaster a year like that.

    • Taboo

      An October release would be awesome.

  • Waveboy

    Call me crazy, but I actually like the more colorful, far less rustic brown-crazy of the N64 version of Zero. The one we got on the cube has virtually hardly any color, it’s just rusty dreary dark muddy colors.

  • Corneliu Codreanu

    Is it coming to Vita?

  • Hooded wolf

    Can’t wait to play 0 to I like Billy,s hand gun I think its the best hand gun ever spring field is the dogs dodars lol it looks like a 1911 can’t wait bring it on capcom and don’t forget resident evil 2 remake to yea it,s a good year for survival horror fans