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New Writer Swims Into ‘The Creature From the Black Lagoon’

This tracking board is mining agencies for scoops and has come across the latest writer for Universal’s long-gestured The Creature From the Black Lagoon remake.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s Jeff Pinkner has been brought on to rewrite the remake of the 1954 classic, which centers on a group of scientists who embark upon a fossil-hunting expedition up the Amazon river. Things get messy when they encounter a pre-historic creature who is half-human and half-fish–but lo and behold, the monster happens to fall in love with one of the female scientists. That role is still out to Avengers star Scarlett Johansson, as reported back in April.

Pinkerton is currently adapting Stephen King The Dark Tower for Warner Bros.

Akiva Goldsman is overseeing the project for Universal.

Creature From the Black Lagoon



  • Angela M Campany

    Awesome, i hope this actually gets made, i have been waiting for this for a ton of years ! Maybe we will see a rebirth of the classic monsters once again , one can hope !

  • brewers_rule

    Sure hope they include the original song for the story. Maybe Jay Z can update it somehow?

  • Rafael Fernandez

    Ugh. I am deeply disappointed in most of the remakes Hollywood has made recently. They seem, in my opinion, to be cases of “Let’s disguise our bad stories as classic properties to get those good opening day numbers”. If they aren’t going to do right by the franchise then I hope they don’t do it at all.

    Too bad it’s too late for The Thing. And for Dracula. And the Three Musketeers. And…

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