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Jason Voorhees Went to Hell On This Day In 1993

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of the release of New Line Cinema’s 1993 Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Adam Marcus’ awful, yet seminal sequel in the Friday the 13th franchise that set the stage for Freddy vs Jason.

While Jason Goes to Hell was an abomination of a sequel, it was a huge moment for horror fans as it was the first time that New Line publicly tipped their hat to the notion that Jason would eventually battle budding slasher Freddy Krueger on screen.

Jason Goes to Hell was the first Friday the 13th since the 1980 debut by Sean Cunningham that turned its focus away from Jason Voorhees (noting that the Jason in A New Beginning was a copycat murderer). The film has a jarring opening sequence in which a SWAT team blasts a hail of bullets into Jason, eventually blowing him to smithereens. It sets the stage for a Jason-less sequel that’s clearly one of the biggest mistakes in the history of horror cinema.

Yet, after putting fans through their own personal hell, the filmmakers shocked audiences with an epilogue for the ages. This is where A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger makes a brief appearance. After Jason is pulled into the pits of Hell by a handful of demons, the camera zooms in on his infamous hockey mask… that’s when Freddy’s gloved hand comes bursting through, grabbing the mask, and pulling it down to Hell as well.

You see, in 1991 New Line Cinema released Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, which ended Freddy’s reign of terror and left him in the pits of Hell. That’s when they begun strategizing pitting Freddy against Jason, which would enter years of development hell.

Thanks partially to this on-screen tease, New Line remained committed to bringing the two slasher titans on screen together, only it would take a decade to bring into fruition. I say it was worth it, you?



  • concerned citizen

    Jason Goes to Hell is good fun (the unrated version).

    • Antisocial_ism

      I actually really like part 9. I saw it in a theater that had a large black crowd. That was entertainment in itself.

  • Blade

    I feel like New Line didn’t care about making a decent FT13th movie, the second they acquired the rights and make a FT13th they call it the “Final Friday” and end it like that. I cant be mad though, because I absolutely love Freddy vs Jason lol

  • pablitonizer

    For some cosmic reason I love FVJ hahaha, I finally got to see my childhood slashers come together!

  • OldAsMyers

    I’m the first person to get irked when people can’t shut up during a movie in the theater or put their phones away for 2hrs, but in ’93 when Jason Goes to Hell came out, first we didn’t have to worry about cell phones. Second, there was some talking in the movie, but it felt natural. Jason had earned the right to become a spectator sport rather than something to be feared. In the opening sequence when she’s getting undressed, reaches for the tub water, the lights go out, and the musical stings follow, I’ll never forget one guy down front of the packed theater yelled out “Ohhhh you gonna get it now bitch!” and the whole theater laughed their asses off. A fond memory to go with this movie 🙂

    • amp69

      I just remember her getting undress but had on running shoes when she escapes him and lures him to the trap.

  • Josh

    Don’t forget, dont you EVER Forget that Sean Cunningham is the reason this movie sucks and the reason there is no Jason in most of this movie.

    He wanted a movie that did not have any Jason in it, because he hated that “stupid mask”.

    so, do not forget this…. Specially when that awful new show he is working on comes out, which might or Might NOT have Jason in it since, you know, he hates the character so much

    • brewers_rule

      Isn’t that weird? Usually when Hollywood hires someone to do a famous character, they prefer to hire someone that sees it as a beloved one. I wonder if someone who’s hiring Cunningham actually wants to close the door on doing Jason anymore? I know money talks but maybe there’s some push to them not wanting to see this character anymore internally?

      • Josh

        I hope the new movie is cool but I have no doubt the show will be complete garbage. Specially if the CW picks it up.

    • Krug09

      That is just what i said Josh. I know he started Friday the 13th but holy shit does he know nothing about it. That’s like his best friend Wes Craven not wanting Freddy in ANOES. Its simply asinine!

  • Vader the White

    This is also the day Alien and Predator fans went to Hell in 2004. And the day I went to Hell in 2004 when I started my first day of junior high. I hated that place.

  • Thomas S Flowers III

    Short and unfair review. I love this movie!!!

    • Javi Simon

      Still my favorite Friday.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    “Jason would eventually battle budding slasher Freddy Krueger”

    Budding? As in Freddy was a youngin’ and starting to build some clout among the genre? This was 1993. Freddy was every bit as successful as Jason (if not moreso if you’re going by revenue numbers).

    Hated JGTH when I saw it theaters opening day. Now, there’s a couple other horror flicks I’d choose after it if I had to.

    The long wait was worth it to me at when FvsJ first came out. Now days I kinda forget it ever happened.

  • Halloween_Vic

    There is nothing to celebrate or be known here, it’s best if this movie is long forgotten!!!

  • parsyeb

    I was sure bummed when I first saw this at 11 or 12. Having devoured the rest of the series with friends, my best friend and I sat down for this one and then were confused as hell. Looking at it now, the film’s actually pretty good. The unrated version, in particular, has buckets of gore, including some bits that I have yet to see in another movie (the tent bit, in particular, deserves the good press it receives).

    The main problem here is that when we get Jason back, he’s roped into a wrestling match with the dweeb main character. Dumb, boring move.

    Supposedly Adam Marcus’ original shoot went so horrendously that Cunningham directed reshoots just to get the film in a watchable shape.

  • REC03

    well i absolutely LOVE the opening scene…and thats pretty much it.

    • Krug09

      That and him being pulled to hell at the end are the only two watchable parts.

  • Javi Simon

    JGTH remains my favorite Friday. It’s perhaps the most violent in the series and a blast to watch. Jason gets blown to bits, man. It also features my favorite look for Jason. Bulging head like something out of “Toxic Avenger” and a mask that looks like it melted on his face. The strands of hair. Grotesque stuff. And come on, you have six films of hockey-mask wearing Jason killing kids on Crystal Lake. What’s wrong with something different?

    And let’s not forget it also teased a mix up with the character s from “Evil Dead.” Never happened, but it’s still cool.

    • Adam Clifton

      Not to mention the crate with the creature in it from ‘Creepshow’. Mrs. Voorhees had that in her basement as well

  • Darth_Siskel

    I liked Jason Goes To Hell…*runs away*

  • Adam Clifton

    I liked JGTH. I always saw the possessed people as Jason Voorhees anyway so I didn’t actually miss seeing the character. I saw this movie at the cinemas and this was before the internet, so when the ending happened I was so excited and surprised by it. I mean, why would you expect to see Freddy in a Jason movie? It was quite a nice surprise. I like Freddy Vs Jason, the fight scenes were worth the wait. I just wish the dialogue for the human characters were more realistic and nowhere near as cheesy as they ended up being. Also, Kane Hodder should have been Jason and they should definitely hired someone who knew and respected both character’s histories. Ronny Yu didn’t know either of them

  • Krug09

    I remember seeing some of this in theaters, i was too young to remember much just the heart eating part. Anyway, this is one of very few films i can say i liked so little about and is unwatchable in the main franchises. Its like having ANOES but “Freddy’s soul” goes into someone else’s body so the actor is just playing Freddy the whole time.

    OT: i was shocked to find out Sean Cunningham didn’t want Jason or the Hockey mask in the movie so they did this to get him off screen as much as possible. Holy fuck is he an uninformed stupid shit!

  • Raul Calvo

    I’m proud to say I’m one of the few people on this Earth that liked this movie. When I do my annual Friday the 13th marathon, Jason Goes to Hell it’s actually pretty fun to watch right after the really bad and boring part 8.

  • c-s-a78

    the ‘unrated’ version is the only & best way to watch this.and in my opion,its the most graphic & goryest friday film out of all 12 movies!!!


    This was the movie which destroyed the great F13 plot continuity which existed from part 1 to JTM as traitor adam marcus ignored hedden’s ending in JTM and never showed us how the F13 hell jason returned as a boy from the sewers of N.Y
    at N.Y jason transformed at the end to little jason and as hedden said that was NOT A HALUCINATION and adam marcus refused to axcknowledge that reality and instead of explaining how the demon escaped jason’s melted body to enter a new body thus all hail the new jason of JGTH movie he never explained that and destroyed the continuity by showing us a new jason who came back to C.L out of nowhere…..LOL



  • kenneth Tanner

    I’m a huge Friday The 13th fan and I have to say Jason Voorhees is an immortal serial killer he doesn’t transfer souls WTF? I can see if there was a Child’s Play movie about Chucky doing that kind of scenario because well we know the concept of Chucky. For all that matter Jason is an immortal killer this story doesn’t fit Jason’s category.

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