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‘The Crow’ Creator: “It Definitely Will Happen”

Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Relativity’s remake of The Crow was over. Finished. Finito la comedia.

The news, although disappointing, wasn’t all that shocking, considering that the project was in the works for years and went through multiple directors and leads.

However, at a recent panel hosted by, creator James O’Barr said that the project, “…definitely will happen.

O’Barr elaborated, stating:

It’s still very much a live property. The company, Pressman Films, that owns The Crow film and TV rights, licensed it to a studio named Relativity. And Relativity made like a hundred bad movies and lost money so now they’re in financial trouble. So the producers are just going to take it to another studio if Relativity can’t get backing again. It’s going to happen. I talked to Pressman Films a couple of weeks ago and they said within two or three weeks, we should have it placed at a new studio. Because the day Relativity announced that they were having financial problems, there were like a dozen other studios that called about getting The Crow property.

It’s interesting to see such candid speech bandied about but, at the same time, it’s exciting to think that we’ll see Eric Draven once again rise from the grave.

While I love the original film (and still do to this day), I can’t deny that it’s a bit dated. A new take on it may very well offer something exciting and thrilling. Let’s remain hopeful as this project aims to take flight once again.



  • Jonathan Larsson

    Please God no.

  • Weresmurf

    I’m all for it, I’d like to see a faithful adaptation of the comic (which Lee’s movie, while excellent, was not).

    • brewers_rule

      How can you think that will work at the box office? The novel had a group that basically looked like Motley Crue or GNR terrorizing a couple & the dude (who himself looks like Tommy Lee) comes back for revenge. I know the 90’s are big lately but does that honestly include the hair band stuff too?

  • Adam Clifton

    O’Barr you sell-out.

    • concerned citizen

      Yeah, the cheek of him, trying to make a living from something he created.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        Lets hope he gets a good version made because they set the bar quite high with the original. If it was me, I’d worry about the director and cast living up to the task at hand.

        • concerned citizen

          Or just living. (Too soon?)

      • Adam Clifton

        I know, right?

  • brewers_rule

    It’s dated because the source material’s dated. If O’Barr updates it somehow, that’s his choice, and it may or may not work (being the pessimist I am w/Hollywood I tend to lean toward not but who knows). If they merely try to bring the original work back to the screen, it’s not going to go over well w/dudes in heavy metal gear & long hair killing people being that it’s, ya’ know, 2015 and all & not 1992 anymore.

  • Krug09

    As much as i love the original since 94 and always will its flawed (mostly because of Brandon’s sad death), Scenes that weren’t finished to give the movie more explanation were scrapped. It still worked without skull cowboy but it became a flawed story when they had no other way to fill the holes. SC explained how Eric was falling apart hence, the taped arms, torso, etc. instead we just see him in the 3rd act taped up.

  • Conan

    Show leave The Crow as it is, i dont think remaking it is a good idea. Unless you get a visionary director that wants to make some thing special, original and interesting. I would prefer a movie of his new The Crow comic he wrote thats set in a concentration camp.

  • charlotte gore

    No it does not need a soulless remake that will have no power and emotion that the 94 film had. It’s not dated, really. Some scenes yeah, but I personally love the old feel to some of these classics. Plus the remake would not have Brandon Lee. I always cry during the film as its so sad he died during the making. It’s also a cool movie as well as being beautiful and sad. How about not remaking this film, or anything else for that matter and having NEW ideas and make new classics for the future instead of shitting on the classics. Remakes are crap 90% of the time. Yeah there is a good one every so often, but it’s super rare !

    • jIMMY

      Create new classics? But that’s risky and involves caring about the movie! Where is the money in that?!?!

      • charlotte gore

        Oh yeah I forgot, studios stopped caring years ago! I should be ashamed for even mentioning the idea :p silly me…

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