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‘Doom’ Devs Dive into the Game’s Gory Glory Kills

Behold, for I am about to gift-eth thee with a cornucopia — that’s two, if you don’t speak fancy — of Doom videos in which some folks from id Software explore a few of the reasons we have to look forward to the upcoming reboot. In the first video, we get to learn more about the concept of “push-forward combat,” which is the name they’ve given to the nifty way the game combines ranged and melee combat, because it seems the mere act of unleashing demon murder wasn’t satisfying enough already.

This next video shows us how the team at id Software is working to strike a balance with the reboot so it brings something new to the series without sacrificing the old school spirit of a Doom game.

Doom is slated to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in spring 2016.




  • Adaaification

    Yeah Doom was all about the gore and ultra violence brutality. It wasn’t about dark atmosphere, the horror and suspense what hides around the next corner. Screw you Bethesda, this is not Doom. This is a ultra violent 08/15 shooter with retro feeling. But no Doom.

    • Hey now. Massive corporations like Bethesda have feelings, too.

      • Adaaification

        Yeah, but money weights more then feelings in this case.

    • aawells07

      Looks and feels like Doom to me. Although I must say I don’t look for things to complain about and I love games.

      • Adaaification

        For my taste it is much to gory, no realy horror in it so far. The action part is Doom, no question about it. You must be quick on your feed and you need good reactions from what they published in the videos so far.

        I don’t look for things to complain about, and i play video games since i was five years old. All they are doing in Doom so far is praising it as gory as hell, with Finish Him moves and so much gore that it spills out of the monitor. And that is not what Doom is about in my eyes.

        • aawells07

          But you may be able to disable the gore. There’s hardly any footage to really judge the game on.

          • Adaaification

            There are a lot of videos out there and in every single one is the gore the middlepoint. A disable function would be great, but here in germany that comes in part of the censored version. We will see, but i’m not impressed from the material they showed so far.

            But we will see, maybe i’m wrong and the game will rock. How knows?

  • Zorko

    This game is soulless. It was resurrected from bits and pieces after Bethesda took held of the development. Just look at the developers, their face tells everything: this game sucks, even we are dead bored, not even enthusiastic about it, but dear masses buy it, so we can cover our losses. Gimme a break.

    Zero innovation, zero atmosphere.

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