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‘Doom’ Devs Dive into the Game’s Gory Glory Kills

Behold, for I am about to gift-eth thee with a cornucopia — that’s two, if you don’t speak fancy — of Doom videos in which some folks from id Software explore a few of the reasons we have to look forward to the upcoming reboot. In the first video, we get to learn more about the concept of “push-forward combat,” which is the name they’ve given to the nifty way the game combines ranged and melee combat, because it seems the mere act of unleashing demon murder wasn’t satisfying enough already.

This next video shows us how the team at id Software is working to strike a balance with the reboot so it brings something new to the series without sacrificing the old school spirit of a Doom game.

Doom is slated to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in spring 2016.





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