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Perturbator’s New Music Video Channels “Dexter”

Sometimes, I love how inventive the fanbase of a community can get. They make posters, videos, cosplay outfits, and that’s only scratching the surface of their creative ingenuity. And sometimes the community responds in kind, showcasing these fan creations as a way of saying “Thank you for making us what we are.”

A good example of this is the new Perturbator music video for “Complete Domination”, which was created by fan Monte Legaspi and then crowned as the official video. And boy, what a video it is!

Taking some inspiration from “Dexter”, the video is aesthetically constructed so as to appear like it was filmed in the 80’s. It tells the story of a man who uses his charming ways and crisp outfit to woo a beautiful woman only to drug her and put her into a kill room. However, your sympathy for this seemingly lovely lady might wane a bit once you see what happens next…



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