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Announcing Bloody-Disgusting’s Reader’s Choice Awards!

Being a horror fan is more than just liking films; it’s a lifestyle, it’s community. Since 2001, Bloody Disgusting has been celebrating the genre with millions of readers, all of whom are the lifeblood that keeps our black heart pumping. We are family. This is why we’re so incredibly excited about our new endeavor, the first annual “Bloody Disgusting’s Reader’s Choice Awards”, sponsored by the national Days of the Dead horror convention and Tony Wash’s “World of Death“!

Long overdue, these new awards are about giving all horror fans a voice. Instead of us selecting the winners by committee, we’re putting everything in your hands to help decide the year’s best in horror.

Here’s how it will work…

Nominations are open below and YOU put the movie you loved most. YOU put your favorite kill. YOU put the scare that got the deepest under your skin. This makes sure that no movie will be exempt from being a potential winner.

Open nominations will run through Wednesday November 15h. At that point we’ll tally all of the nominations and then bring you the TOP 5 for each category.  This is when we’ll all vote together to reveal the winner of each category. In addition, we’ll also be presenting a very special LEGACY AWARD to someone who had made a long-lasting impact on the horror genre, whether it be in film, toys, art, games, or even music. The winner in each category will win an incredible custom award created exclusively for Bloody Disgusting by horror artist Mike Skaggs.

These are YOUR awards. So make your voice heard!


  • All nominees need to have been released in 2017 to qualify.

Winners of the 2017 Bloody Disgusting Reader’s Choice Awards will receive this custom award created by Mike Skaggs.

“Bloody Disgusting’s Reader’s Choice Awards” is brought to you by Days of the Dead horror conventions and “World of Death”. Keep up with Days of the Dead on Twitter and Facebook. Watch “World of Death” shorts right here on Bloody Disgusting.



  • scream4ever

    Are you using ranked-choice voting? I figured since there’s 3 choices for each category.

    • We’re just giving you the opportunity to submit three nominations per category, the film/actor/etc with the most nominations per category will move on.

      • IWC-3PO

        Do you have to go in every category? I don’t play video games.

        • Nope

          • Creepshow

            Closing comment threads now? Boo…Hiss

          • Chance LeBoeuf

            I know we all talk about movies more often than anything here, but does horror comics and novels still count as a category we’re including here overall or what?

            Sorry if this is a silly question because maybe I just confused the takeaway.

            To be fair, I’m still loopy from meds following surgery and all I have is basically the internet to slowly kill my mind so I don’t remember how boring life is now.

  • IWC-3PO

    Johnathon Schaech has got that Legacy Award in the bag!

    • Saturn

      NO competition whatsoever – may as well just give him the award today.
      Probably best give best movie award to his new legendary Day Of The Dead.

    • cat

      Jonathon whom?

      • IWC-3PO

        Icon… Legend… Admired by men. Loved by women.

      • Saturn

        Call yourself a horror fan?
        The guy is a horror LEGEND up there alongside Karloff, Cushing, Price, Lee, Chaney (both).

  • DrewHamster

    Here’s hoping the drowning in Life gets some love for best kill. I thought it was pretty unique.

    • Saturn

      A fun factoid for you : the drowning scene is secretly the origin of Venom.

  • Biscoito18

    Do I have to put the “little ball” on top of the second “a” in Bill Skarsgard? 😀

  • Biscoito18

    *little spoiler from Gerald’s Game*
    Best scare for me was the scene with Moonlight Man licking young Jessie’s toes in Gerald’s Game. No sound, no expectation. “A+” jumpscare.


    “Long overdue, these new awards are about giving all horror fans a voice. Instead of us selecting the winners by committee, we’re putting everything in your hands to help decide the year’s best in horror.”
    Wait, so instead of these animals . . .
    You’re letting these animals choose?
    HA! good one.

  • J Jett

    what surprised me is when i was thinking what the best horror movie of 2017 was i honestly don’t really have one. a couple of films have been good/decent but there’s really no horror film that i was like “OMFG!!” over. i just put THE BABYSITTER as #2 and HAPPY DEATH DAY as #3 (i left #1 blank since i’m not in love with any horror film from 2017).
    regarding Best Horror TV Show…i had THE EXORCIST as #1….FREAKISH as #2….and CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE as #3.
    i left everything else blank. nothing jumped out at me from the remaining categories.

    • Baron Von Marlon

      Seen Super Dark Times yet? Not sure if it counts as horror but it might be my favorite movie of the year. Don’t do any research btw. It’s one of those the-less-you-know-the better movies.

      • Papa_spoosh

        Super Dark Times reminded me a lot of We Need To Talk About Kevin which some will lean toward horror but to me it’s a dark ass drama

  • RAW….The Blackcoat’s Daughter….IT

  • Matt Miller

    Great idea! I love this kind of stuff. I just wish I’d seen more films, because I have some more that I still have to watch. I have a problem distinguishing an independent from a non independent film, but my picks would be:
    Film: 1. Mother!, 2. The Girl with All the Gifts, 3. Gerald’s Game
    Independent film: 1. It Comes at Night, 2. Hounds of Love, 3. Raw
    Other movies I haven’t seen I think I could add are The Killing of a Sacred Deer and 1922.

    • cat

      Killing of a Sacred Deer was so good i just had to add it to my top picks

      • Matt Miller

        I want to watch it so bad but it seems it won’t get here by now, I’ll probably have to wait some months. But it does really look amazing.

    • Saturn

      Girl With All The Gifts was 2016 though.

      • Matt Miller

        I watched it last year too, but the realease in the USA was in 2017, I don’t know how they’ll go with that, I’ll probably have to change it. In that case I’d go with The Belko Experiment.

        • Saturn

          This is how things can get confusing – when they say “released in 2017” do they mean released in the US only?
          Guys – be more specific!

      • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

        Must have been better than Bad Biology, which I call The Girl With All The Clits.

        • Saturn


          Me likey.

          • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

            She was OK, just the film was pretty naff.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    ‘It’s a lifestyle” they say 🙂

  • Trav

    Wow! I really love this idea! I’m gonna take a couple days before I fill mine out so I can watch some of the horror movies I haven’t gotten to watch yet. Question: Would “Never Hike Alone” count as an independent film?

  • Geno1987

    Well I tried to fill out as many qualifications as I could, but had to leave a few blank…hope you guys sell some copies of those sweet ass trophies.

    • Only for the winners, and wait until you see the red one!

  • James Allard

    Nuts. Nothing for the nuts n bolts crowd (me) like editing, sound, cinematography. Well, granted, that pushes me toward what was “best” rather than “WTF was that crap!”

    • Yeah, we’re starting out small with 11 categories. Hoping to expand next year!

      • James Allard

        Maybe just one mega category, overall effects?

  • DS Ullery

    For best horror film I put Split (it’s definitely got a strong horror element), Get Out and It.

    Best TV horror? The Exorcist. Nothing else came close. Ben Daniels for best actor in that category and Bill Skarsgard for best actor in a motion picture, alongside the always awesome Tobin Bell, who in roughly twenty minutes of actual screentime reminded me why I was fascinated with John Kramer to begin with.
    Best Kill: The blender from Jigsaw, the titular character also receiving a vote from me for best villain, alongside a certain terrifying sewer dwelling clown.

    • Ivan Michel

      Agree! Although i’d go with Get Out, Split and Jigsaw. And Alfonso Herrera is also awesome in the Exorcist, the blender was great in Jigsaw and Tobin’s easily the best part, cheers

    • Saturn

      For me :
      Best Horror Movie : It, Happy Death Day, The Ritual.
      Best TV Horror : The Exorcist, Ghosted, Supernatural.
      Best actor in a horror movie : Johnathon Schaech, Johnathon Schaech, Johnathon Schaech.

      • DS Ullery

        Hey, don’t forget Johnathon Schaech. The mere pre-release information concerning the new Day of the Dead film is enough to make the bones of our greatest thespians tremble and patrons of the dramatic arts to weep. Indeed, the generations shall speak in hushed, reverent tones of the man they call Schaech and his trailblazing, genre re-defining and life changing portrayal of some human/zombie hybrid thing.

        • Saturn

          Johnathon Schaech?
          How the hell did I forget about Him!

      • J Jett

        Saturn, i was REALLY surprised at how enjoyable/fun HAPPY DEATH DAY was! it was great!

        • Saturn

          It was a pleasant surprise.
          For gore hounds it may be a little disappointing, but personally due to the nature of the “deaths” in it I didn’t find it necessary – I reckon it will be a good starter horror movie for those who want to introduce horror to their younger children, just to get them started.

    • The Exorcist is a really good tv show, but I’m ALWAYS forgetting it exists.
      I forgot to put that show in the form and sometimes I even forget to talk about that tv show when someone asks “hey Pedro, can you say some good tv shows to watch?”

  • Necrogeddon666

    I can predict the results already. IT wins everything.

    • Darkside

      Throw some stranger things and Get Out in there.

    • Blood Boil

      Sad but true

      • Trav

        Why is it sad? I hope other good horror movies get representation on these awards, but IT was a damn good movie. it really feels like people are hating on IT just because it’s popular and they want to feel cool and different. I’m certainly not suggesting that’s everyone who didn’t like the movie, but it does seem like some are.

        • FeministFriendly

          “…hating on IT just because it’s popular and they want to feel cool and different.”

          Or maybe people hate hipsters who like things just for being popular becasue they want to feel cool and the same.
          So that evenish’s out.

          I haven’t seen it.
          I heard that its cool, but I just dont have much respect for the concept of another remake in the first place.

          Even if its at least not terrible.

          • Trav

            I like how you left out my part about saying how that didn’t apply to all the people hating on the movie, but I feel like it applied to some.

            Second, while I’m sure there are members of the group you describe, I’m certainly not apart of it. I just felt that IT was a well-made horror remake. I think most would agree with that.

            Also, while I agree with your thoughts on remakes, aren’t necessary remakes ok? This obviously depends on how you feel about the 1990 miniseries. In my personal taste, the miniseries hasn’t aged well, and a new adaption was necessary.

        • Blood Boil

          It’s sad because IT was a fun movie and nothing more. It wasn’t a great movie, or even a good movie for that matter. The plot is a disaster and the film itself had holes galore. Same with Stranger Things, its really not that good, it’s just fun and stylized. There are much better films that came out this year, (well unfortunately not many,) that will not get any recognition or praise. Horror fans are currently just settling because they are bored. Hollywood has neutered the genre and we are apparently okay with that

          • Trav

            Well, I disagree with you on a lot of what you said. I think IT was a very good, if not great, movie that sets the bar high for modern horror. IT was a frightening movie that also had great characters that you truly care about. What I do agree with you on is that I hope more horror movies like Get Out and even Happy Death Day get the recognition they deserve. I view this “awards” thing as an opportunity to allow horror movies that might be forgotten to get some recognition.

          • Blood Boil

            Well there you go, there are many others like me that dislike/weren’t blown away by IT for reasons other than wanting to be “cool” or “different”. The best part about art is that it is subjective, however I will call out shitty cash grab horror at all times. Please don’t say the IT remake is setting the bar high…that’s an insult to all the amazing indie films that keep blowing Hollywood’s bullshit out of the water.

          • Trav

            True. I’m not saying you were just trying to be different, I’m just saying that is where I feel like some of the hate is coming from. But IT wasn’t just a “shitty cash grab”, it felt like a necessary remake because the 1990 miniseries didn’t do the novel justice. Admittedly, I don’t watch a lot of indie horror, but I do stand by what I said. IT, at least to me, did a good job of having great characters while also being genuinely frightening at times.

      • Charles Cumella


  • The Night King

    I goofed up. After I filled it out and submitted, only then did I notice that it was for only 2017. I thought it was for all time. 2017 was kind of lame for horror if you weren’t an IT or Stranger Things fanatic so . . . .

  • Celia Soltero

    Hahaha I thought this was a horror book award thing I saw readers and got stoked that I’d have some new horror books to read. Soooo if anyone knows any…. Brian Keene kinda goodness ???

  • I only have seen 23 or 24 horror movies this year, here’s my list:

    The best: IT

    Really good: Annabelle: Creation, Get Out, Death Note and Raw

    Good: Better Watch Out, The Babysitter, Gerald’s Game, The Belko Experiment, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Jigsaw and Happy Death Day (would be amazing with more violence and without that crappy plot twist)

    Just Ok: 47 Meters Down, Leatherface

    Weak: The Dark Tower, Wish Upon, The Bye Bye Man, Little Devil

    Horrible: Friend Request, XX, Cult of Chucky, Split, Alien Covenant and Rings

    • Frank Gambino

      I thought XX was fucking awesome.

      • I was expecting something great like VHS, unfortunately is really bad and poor.

        • WALKTER

          I did’t like VHS, I was expecting something great like XX, unfortunately is really bad and poor.

  • Charles Cumella

    My top 3 are: Life, Gerald’s Game and The Void. “It” was not a horror movie to me so it gets mentions for Pennywise and the opening scene, nothing else. “Get Out” was way to hyped for me, it wasn’t anything new to me, and felt forced in many ways, not saying it’s bad though. Lets hope next year is better for Horror, and has more fresh ideas, there are good projects but nobody seems to care, “Super Dark Times” being one of them…

    • Papa_spoosh

      Let’s hope next year is better for horror? This year has been gigantic for horror. Even if you’re not a fan of the films that made an impact you should be happy for the success of the genre. IT is a horror movie. It’s categorized as one, it’s based on a horror book, has a demon clown.. it just is a horror movie even if it didn’t scare you. Movies don’t get to be “horror to you” or not. They can be scary or not to some but the genre is not an opinion. And you might be the only person who thought get out wasn’t something new. I think you should look back at this year and appreciate the awesome spotlight put on horror from indie to major feature.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    The Void, The Girl with All the Gifts, Split, Stranger Things, Gerald’s Game, The Evil Within 2…. thems were the best things horror this year to me (from best to worst), applied where applicable.

    +I want to add Greasy Strangler since I didn’t get to see it until this year… and it makes all other movies ever made its bitch.

  • Carl Chrystan

    I’d like to vote for some ‘worst’ categories instead of ‘best’ ones, please, as I’m British and so I like to complain and criticise and bring things down.

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