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This Woman Created The Ultimate Haunted House Decor [Halloween Treat]

Artist/photographer Christine McConnell, who we’ve featured before, has one-upped the Halloween haunted house decoration game with the amazing work she did for her parents’ house. Using spray paint and foam-core boards for eyes and teeth, she turned the front of the house into a multi-eyed monstrosity with sharp teeth.

Below is a gallery that fully explains how she went about creating each piece, which doesn’t look too difficult. Admittedly, I’m horribly inept when it comes to art, so I’d botch this every step of the way. But anyone with slightly more talent than myself could probably easily knock it out in the course of an afternoon.

The visuals remind me a bit of Monster House meets the Holiday House from Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always, which makes me really happy. I enjoyed the hell out of that movie and I still dearly love that book.




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