Finally Paramount Releasing a Better ‘War of the Worlds’ DVD

I check out all the flicks at Best Buy on a weekly basis and every single time I go there I see the piece of crap War of the Worlds DVD for like $22.99- ridiculous if you ask me. Well thank god someone is finally doing something about it (not like it wasn’t going to happen). Steven Spielberg’s remake of War of the Worlds hits theaters on June 29th from Paramount Pictures…
Fangoria writes:

“Paramount Home Video will release a special-edition DVD of 1953’s THE WAR OF THE WORLDS to tie in with this summer’s release of the Steven Spielberg-directed remake. Directed by Byron Haskin and produced by George Pal, the Oscar-winning (for visual FX) alien-invasion epic will be supplemented on disc with audio commentary by stars Gene Barry and Ann Robinson, a historical commentary by Joe Dante, genre expert Bob Burns and Fango contributor Bill Warren, on-camera interviews with other WAR veterans and additional special features.”

No release date is scheduled, but isn’t it obvious it’ll come out two weeks before the theatrical remake on June 29th?

Source: Fangoria