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What Horror Game(s) of 2015 Are You Thankful for?

Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year where we all come together to honor a really bad thing the Pilgrims did hundreds of years ago. Everyone celebrates this holiday differently. Some volunteer at local shelters or food banks, others overdose on tryptophan and whatever’s on the television, and then there are the more creative types who use this holiday as an opportunity to blaspheme by consuming Turduckens — a Frankenbird made from a chicken stuffed inside of a duck that’s been crammed inside of a turkey.

Birdception has always intrigued me, but I’ve never tried it myself. And since I won’t be laughing in the face of nature this year by breaking Bird Law with my relatives, that means I’ll have time to try this ‘being thankful’ thing.

Thankfully, there’s a lot to be thankful for this year.

At the risk of being cheesy, I’d like you to tell me what you’re the most thankful for. It doesn’t need to be about video games, horror or otherwise, but at the very least I’d love to know which horror games, if any, you’re planning on playing over the break.

I’ll be playing through Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, which released this week, when I’m not feeding my growing addiction to Fallout 4. I’m considering going through Until Dawn again in preparation for its upcoming Rush of Blood expansion.

If you need any help deciding on what you’re thankful for, it could be one of the many great horror games that have come out this year (Dying Light, Resident Evil HD, Resident Evil Revelations 2, SOMA, Until Dawn, The Park, Stasis), or the games we now have to look forward to after successful crowdfunding campaigns (Friday the 13th: The Game, Ashen Rift, Perception, NightCry). There’s so much more, but that should get you started!





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