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‘Wolf Man’ Barks Up a Release Date

The hairiest of Universal Monsters will arrive in 2018.

With the awful Dracula Untold a distant memory, and The Mummy nearing production for release on March 24, 2017, Universal Pictures has set March 30, 2018 for their re-remake of Wolf Man.

Aaron Guzikowski, who wrote Prisoners, and is in talks to pen Friday the 13th, is taking on this iconic Universal Monster.

The 1941 The Wolf Man starred Lon Chaney Jr. as the title character and Lawrence Stewart Talbot, while the 2010 version saw Benicio Del Toro as the Wolf.

There’s also rumors swirling that Universal wants Tom Cruise for a pivotal role, which we suspect would be Van Helsing, which would tie the cinematic universe together. The question is, will Helsing appear in both The Mummy and Wolf Man?

Universal is also developing The Creature From the Black Lagoon, with hopes of securing Scarlett Johansson for the lead role, and Bride of Frankenstein, which could resurrect Angelina Jolie Pitt as the Monster’s companion. No word on what’s up with an actual Frankenstein, and how the flop of FOX’s Victor Frankenstein might affect this entire plan.



  • Jeremy Wade

    another wolfman remake?

  • Anthony Gulino

    As much as i went in with the mindset that I was absolutely gonna hate Dracula Untold, I didnt. For whatever reason I ended up enjoying it. with that said Ive only seen it that once in the theater and for the most part I cant remember most of it so I guess that would catagorize it as mediocre, not god awful.

    • chien_clean

      Yea I thought there more than a few things to like in Dracula Untold. In particular the cave and the vampire in it. What sank the project was that they tried to make Dracula too sympathetic. So we were left with a Dracula without his bite so to speak. But more than anything I would like to see a true Vlad The Impaler movie. With someone that can really go dark as Dracula.

  • chien_clean

    Please no Jolie or Cruise.

  • Evan3

    I love the Wolf Man (not the crap del Toro version). I certainly don’t have much faith in Universal, but they at least seem committed to dumping massive resources into the movies and attracting top-notch talent. Hopefully, it all comes together.

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