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‘Asylum’ is “100% Guaranteed” to Arrive This Year

This is going to be the year that proves the existence of Senscape’s long-in-the-making indie game Asylum. We won’t have to wait too much longer to get our hands on it, and when it’s ours, we’ll finally know for sure that all of this wasn’t a figment of our own broken psyches. We didn’t make it up from a prison with padded walls. It exists.

In case you’ve forgotten, this love letter to old school horror adventure games was made possible thanks in part to the nearly $120k it raised on Kickstarter about three years ago. That makes it one of the more impressive success stories the genre has seen since crowdfunding took off in 2012.

Senscape is confident they’ll have it done this year, and I believe them.

“We’re getting ready to start unleashing fresh new horrors upon you as we resume hype for our ambitious game which, yes, should be released [in 2016],” confirms a recent post on the studio’s Facebook page. “It’s been a LONG time coming and Asylum is shaping up to become a title that will surpass even your wildest expectations. 100% guaranteed (or else we’ll be in deep trouble).”

Who here’s interested in taking a field trip to the Hanwell Mental Institute?




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  • dee bee

    Dear Senscape and all, why oh why oh why won’t you believe in your amazing talent for creating video games? You should have put your Asylum game on a disk as you did Scratches and sell it for yourselves. We, as your fans, need a hard copy that is ours and ours alone for collectors’ futures. Instead it belongs to Steam and has no collectors’ worth whatsoever. So Asylum will end up on the rubbish heap along with all the other skeletal remains of worthless crap (you will thank Steam, I’m sure, at a later date for adding your game to this dung heap). Instead you have to rely on cowboy, thieving, pimp Steam (the Simon Cowell of the games world – riding on the backs of others and claiming that work as their own; meanwhile Steam owners (in Simon Cowell style) are living the life of multi millionaires while you look like a mug. I feel sick with you and wish I never bothered being your fan…. WHERE IS OUR HARD COPY???

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