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NECA Developing At Least 5 New Freddy Krueger Figures!

Image via New Line Cinema

NECA can’t stop. They won’t stop. And are heading into 2016 with plans for at least 5 more figures based on Wes Craven’s ultimate creation, Freddy Krueger.

With the tweet shared below, all we can do is speculate as to what figures are planned surrounding the A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s dream demon. Could it be more variations? New limited editions? Retro-styled versions?

The New York Toy Fair is next month, which is where we expect to hear most of the announcements, and hope there are even a few reveals (even if just early sculpts).

Are there any specific Freddy’s you haven’t seen done by NECA that you hope they do? Frankly, I want to see some of his transformations in diorama form, like the television set from A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Shit, can you imagine if they did a Dream Warriors set?! Holy fuck, now I’m dripping in anticipation!

Update: NECA tells us there no specifics on versions but you will see a mix of formats including retro, traditional and more!




  • The One and Only

    I’d like to see the Skeleton Freddy that showed up in DREAM WARRIORS ,and killed Nacy’s dad.

  • Eastman420

    Lots of options!!! Chef woul be cool bon appetite bitch!!!

  • Grimphantom

    TV Freddy would be cool to get but come on Neca, reconsider getting the rights to make some John Carpenter’s The Thing, i know some would die to get an R.J. MacReady.

  • Frank Bautista

    I’d kill for a Freddy and Nancy NOES1 pack.

  • Bouncy X

    maybe that Dream Warriors full size puppet will finally come? a few years back they showed a prototype and that looked awesome. here’s hoping but not expecting!

  • Wilson Bro

    As much as I love the NOES series, there are a few certain figures which might more appropriately be carved from wood.

  • Rickey Williams

    I made one a few years ago

  • Rickey Williams

    Also made kincade, the wizard master & taryn

  • Rickey Williams


  • Rob Nimmo

    I’d love them to FINALLY do a proper pre-burned Fred from the 6th film with the red undershirt & olive button-down short-sleeved bowling shirt! And there ARE, LITERALLY, THOUSANDS of us still waiting for/wanting/hoping/BEGGING for figures of Nancy, Jesse & Alice! 😉

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