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There’s an “Avalanche of Demons” in the New ‘Doom’

I can’t say that I’ve ever wondered what the official term might be for a group of demons. It’d have to be considerably more frightening than a murder of crows, more memorable than a prickle of porcupines, and more intimidating than a plague of locusts. If you’re thinking a legion of demons sounds about perfect right now, I’d like to toss out an alternative before we make it official.

How about… an avalanche?

I know, right? That right there is a terrifying combination of words. Don’t go repeating them until we know what kind of power they might have. I’m going to run at some people screaming “It’s an avalanche of demons!” with a horrified look on my face to see what happens. Stay tuned.

Actually, while you’re waiting for my very scientific experiment to run its course, you might be interested in learning more about id Software’s latest Doom reboot. For example, did you know the game displays the number of enemies on-screen not with numbers, but with terms like “avalanche” and “bloodbath”? You probably didn’t, but now you do.

You may also be interested in knowing that the iconic BFG isn’t being treated like the game’s other weapons, but rather as a “panic button” that can be deployed should you find yourself surrounded by an avalanche of demons.

These are just a few of the details we gleaned from the latest issue of Game Informer (made easily digestible by NeoGAF). Doom releases later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.




  • ThunderDragoon

    That sounds so metal lol.

  • John

    Pretty excited for this.

  • PsychoMantis18

    It can’t come soon enough…

    • John O’Brien


    • John O’Brien


      • PsychoMantis18

        I’m very aroused.

  • Adaaification

    The Lost Soul looks awesome, the Caco Demon, for my taste, looks a little weird. But still better then in Doom 3. The Hell Knight remembers a lot of his design in Doom 3. But with some new aspects. The Revenant, looks like he made a visit from Quake 2. I don’t know, like it or not. After the first videos i was not pleased, because it looked more like a comic to me. But now, this makes hope.

    • frgfdfg

      none looks better than in Doom 3, bitch.

      • Adaaification

        I didn’t liked all the grey bitch. And bitch all monsters had the same color. Was a Bit boring bitch. Why Do i use the Word bitch so often now xD

        • Taboo

          ladies, ladies, relax…

  • Shadow914

    The anticipation is infuriating.

  • Mark Andrew Glinka

    That spaceship looks an awful lot like the Sulaco from Aliens.

    • Phendranah

      I’m okay with this 🙂

  • Brodequin

    DOOM returns to its roots: Horror themed fast paced action shooter, focused on blasting through large numbers of enemy characters…
    Well, that also means: no more of storyline focused apprehensive sci-fi horror …

    • I’m usually the first to complain about a game’s lack of substance, but Doom’s the exception for me. I’ll get my story/character fix elsewhere. I kinda just want to shoot some demons in the dick.

      And Wolfenstein: The New Order rocked my socks.

      • Brodequin

        Yep, Wolfenstein: The New Order is absolutely FANFUCKINGTASTIC!! It’s my personal game of a year 2014. Hiring devs known from their great story driven shooters to make Wolfenstein franchise back from the abyss was Bethezda’s absolutely perfect move. In result we were given dick-killing, mega entertaining and humorous tale that spans fifteen years of intense brutal gunplay and more Nazi killing than Inglorious Basterds. B.J. Blaskowitz once again goreously… pardon, gloriously turns hordes of Nazi into beautiful shiny giblets of flesh and blood. And each time i do so my inner psychopath is smiling…
        Now answer the question: Could DOOM be so entertaining?

  • Rohan Sorensen

    You guys should check out Lakeview Cabin Collection, it’s one of the best horror games of 2015!

  • Taboo

    I got to play the closed multiplayer beta and thought it was alright. Guns felt like they didn’t really pack a punch. I’m still sad that they didn’t take a more atmospheric approach and seems like single player will suck too.

    • Ray Long

      How about providing feedback to the developers since you played the closed beta and have constructive criticism to offer up?

      • xn0

        I participated too, and there is simply no way to “offer constructive criticism” except for a multiple choice thingy, which asks if your gaming experience was ok. Written form would be better. The game seemed to have some latency problems and just did not play very fluently. It was very so-and so. They will have a lot more work to do.

        • Ray Long

          Far enough! It is unfortunate the feedback process didn’t allow, well, real feedback.

          • Brodequin

            It was during first tests. Later forum was enabled…

        • Brodequin

          Actually it was Alpha, not Beta. And Closed forum was open for testers only, so you could provide feedback. Key ID to forum was given as an STEAM DLC to testers when second testing session started. I’ve participated in both test sessions…

  • Corey Hutton

    An Avalanche of Demons, it may sound awesome to you, but sounds fucking gay to me.

    • I guess this is the part where I say everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Also, your avatar made your comically harsh criticism maybe 50% more amusing.

  • KaosNihil

    awesome !

  • Oby83

    looking forward to it. playing brutal doom v20b of late. which everyone who loves the original doom should get

  • Phendranah

    Seriously can’t wait to blast some metal and just destroy demons! The world needs more old school arcadey shooters!

    • Brodequin

      How about Painkiller or Hard Reset? Not good enough? Simple, fast and very addictive…

      • Phendranah

        Yeah I’ve played them, I have even finished the latest Shadow Warrior. I just want more!

        • Brodequin

          More blood, more pain, more victims for brutal dismemberment!!!!

  • ash

    Looking cool but the music from the demo was kinda lame although I didn’t hear the rest of it I really was hoping for a fire and brimstone end of the world orchestra. Sorta like something from The Omen soundtrack. Left for Dead one has a some really good orchestra riffs throughout the game. That’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about.

  • brewers_rule

    ‘Avalanche of Demons’ sounds like a new feature brought to you by SyFy.

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