UPDATE* Lions Gate’s ‘High Tension’ Trimmed for an R Rating?!

Not only is it being reported that Lions Gate Films has trimmed down their version of Alex Aja’s High Tension (review) for its US release on June 3rd, but that the film has been over dubbed in English! Inside you can read the news and Alex Aja’s response along with our [color=yellow]update[/color] regarding the situation. Click here for tons of images, trailers and more…
Before I show you what was reported, I’d like to inform you that this is NOT 100% yet. Some other sites besides Dread Central are misreading the news and reporting it incorrectly. But the possibility is true but it’s not set in stone just yet. If any cuts are made, they are said to be quit small…

Dread Central writes:

“Last week we had a reader calling himself Jinx drop us a line from a theater road show where he ran into some Lions Gate reps who told him Tension (retitled for release here in the States to High Tension) was being trimmed for an R-rated release so it could naturally get wider exposure – one of the key reasons everyone tries to avoid an NC-17 these days, more theater play. We didn’t want to run with this news like our asses were on fire until we heard more, so, we contacted LGF.

What we received back was a statement from director Aja himself who tells us, “The version of ‘High Tension’ that you are about to see is a dubbed English translation of the original French-language film, featuring Cecile de France’s own voice in the part of Marie. The new version has also been re-edited slightly, resulting in a running time that is about one minute shorter than the original. ‘High Tension’ was conceived as an ode to the 1970’s American horror/slasher films I loved as a teenager; so it is a source of great satisfaction to me that American audiences will now be able to experience the film on the same visceral level as French audiences, without the distraction of subtitles. Every filmmaker hopes that his or her work will be seen by the largest audience possible. Now, as an English language film, ‘High Tension’ has the opportunity to travel to U.S. theaters. I want to thank Lions Gate Films for making this possible.

Source: Dread Central