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‘Alien: Covenant’: Ridley Scott Casting “Very Tall” Actors to Play…

Image via Fox

It looks like Ridley Scott is casting up potential Engineers and Xenomorphs for Alien: Covenant, his upcoming Alien prequel/Prometheus sequel shooting this coming April in Australia.

Management Group MCTV shares a casting breakdown asking for actors aged 8-40 that are “skinny and very tall or skinny and very short but strong and very physically agile.”

Other skills requested: “Fast in Movement. Acrobats, Dancers, Gymnasts, Contortionists, Cirque du Soleil type performers.”

This sounds exactly like the Xenomorphs that first appeared in Alien (Bolaji Badejo) before becoming a full next in James Cameron’s Aliens.

Prometheus featured the mammoth Engineers, who are gigantic compared to humans.

Scott already promises the return of the “big bad,” the only question is, how many?

Late last year Scott also excited us all when he said, “We’ll have them all: egg, face-hugger, chest-burster, then the big boy.” He also explained that the film will reveal a destroyed Engineer planet, and also shared plans for an expanded universe that will eventually bridge directly into his 1979 Alien.

Katherine Waterston recently landed the lead role. She will reunite with her Jobs co-star Michael Fassbender, while Scott has previously confirmed that Noomi Rapace will also return.

FOX recently set Alien: Covenant for release on October 6, 2017.


[H/T] AVP Galaxy



  • Brett Lovejoy

    Didn’t he promise a scene that would rival the chestburster scene from ‘Alien’ will being unique at the same time? Can’t fucking wait.

    • Nathan Bradley

      I can’t think how he could top the C section scene in Prometheus. I can’t wait for this film. I hope Sigourney’s Alien 5 still happens.

  • Khy

    My chest is bursting with excitement now that it’s actually happening and not just a bunch of talking.


    Clever girl.

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    And they’ll all be Norwegian..

  • Porkins

    Acrobatic xenos?

  • zero2815

    Ridley is to Tom Brady as Neil Blomkamp is to Colin kapernick.

  • brewers_rule

    Shaq and Yao Ming are gonna be AWESOME as aliens.

    • Werewolf

      Can just about picture a xenomorph with a headband dribbling an egg.

  • REC03

    it would be really nice if this didn’t have any Engineers tbh. after watching Alien they were such a huge disappointment. very uninspired.

  • aaaandI’mBored

    that’s cool. Engineers are boring as balls though.

  • aNYagenda

    “Prometheus featured the mammoth Engineers, who are gigantic compared to humans.”

    But puny compared to Space Jockey’s.

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