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‘Terror Birds’ Brings ‘Birdemic’ Vibe In This Exclusive Trailer

Marvista has set Sean Cain’s Terror Birds for release On Demand and on Digital HD March 8th.

Starring Jessica Lee Keller (The Adjustment Bureau) Lindsey Sporrer (Some Kind of Beautiful), Greg Evigan (My Two Dads, B.J. and the Bear), Dillon Cavitt (6 Years), Bloody Disgusting has the exclusive trailer debut to go along with the film’s art.

College student Maddy Stern (Jessica Lee Keller) knows something is wrong when her father (Craig Nigh) goes missing during a weekend bird-watching trip in the woods of East Texas. As she enlists the help of her college pals to trek into the wilderness to find him, rampaging, six-foot-tall prehistoric “terror birds” with man-eating tendencies are the last thing anyone expects to find … much less a wealthy, mad archaeologist (Greg Evigan) – but that’s exactly what they find, and they’ll need to run for their lives if they are to escape the wrath of the Terror Birds!

You like Birdemic? It looks like you may love this…

Terror Birds



  • shawn lawson

    Yes.yes, i like Birdemic. I will give this a shot.

  • I dunno. All the shots look like they’re in focus. I think this is some next level filmmaking here. 🙂

  • robotdan

    another bad cgi monster movie…..oh boy…..never seen this done before

  • Fracassi

    Hey, it’s the artsy guy from My Two Dads. He looks like his face has been pulled back to the point of a rictus grin.

  • Halloween_Vic

    LOL at the fact that this even got made.

  • LivingDeadMan

    Birdemic was an extreme endurance test. This actually looks fun.

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