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‘Strangers 2’ Could Be Slashed…Again



Back in December Relativity Media had officially announced Strangers 2, the 2008 slasher The Strangers, and set it for release on December 2, 2016, giving them a year to lock a director, cast and produce the film.

In a recent interview with Collider Roy Lee explained that Relativity’s financial woes could eventually kill the sequel once again.

“We have a script that’s fantastic,” said Lee, “but they’ve had some financial difficulties so it’s unclear as to whether or not they’ll be able to finance the movie.”

The last we heard (last January) was that Marcel Langenegger (Deception) was attached to direct with the screenplay by Ben Ketai (Chosen).

Before that, the sequel has had a series of false starts to go along with a slew of directors. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the first film, starring Liv Tyler, I’m willing to bet it’s aged pretty well and plan on revisiting it this week. I’ve always wanted to see the initial director’s cut that infamously set the record the lowest test score in the studio’s history. It’s been alleged that the final sequence was brutal and went on for an eternity.

Anyways, “Strangers 2 is a thrilling sequel that lives up to the hype of the original film. After financial troubles force them to move out of their house, a family of four try to make it through the night in a deserted trailer park while being hunted by the savage, ax-wielding, mask-wearing trio wrecking havoc once again.

Doug Davison, Nathan Kahane and Trevor Macy produce with Lee.