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‘Strangers 2’ Could Be Slashed…Again

Back in December Relativity Media had officially announced Strangers 2, the 2008 slasher The Strangers, and set it for release on December 2, 2016, giving them a year to lock a director, cast and produce the film.

In a recent interview with Collider Roy Lee explained that Relativity’s financial woes could eventually kill the sequel once again.

“We have a script that’s fantastic,” said Lee, “but they’ve had some financial difficulties so it’s unclear as to whether or not they’ll be able to finance the movie.”

The last we heard (last January) was that Marcel Langenegger (Deception) was attached to direct with the screenplay by Ben Ketai (Chosen).

Before that, the sequel has had a series of false starts to go along with a slew of directors. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the first film, starring Liv Tyler, I’m willing to bet it’s aged pretty well and plan on revisiting it this week. I’ve always wanted to see the initial director’s cut that infamously set the record the lowest test score in the studio’s history. It’s been alleged that the final sequence was brutal and went on for an eternity.

Anyways, “Strangers 2 is a thrilling sequel that lives up to the hype of the original film. After financial troubles force them to move out of their house, a family of four try to make it through the night in a deserted trailer park while being hunted by the savage, ax-wielding, mask-wearing trio wrecking havoc once again.

Doug Davison, Nathan Kahane and Trevor Macy produce with Lee.




  • Francesco Falciani

    u r right…i hated the movie when it came out in 2008. but after i read the news about the sequel…i watched the first one again and yes it was better than the first time. even if “u R the next” is farrrrrrrrr better than this!

  • Creepshow

    If your looking for your friend in a house, here’s a little tip:
    Maybe turn off the BLARING MUSIC! That way your ass won’t mistakenly get blasted with a shot gun. Such a sloppy film.

    • Ash Conlon

      I disagree, I think the reasoning behind that was to show that he’d entered the house already freaked-out from his car getting bricked, entering the house to find nobody blatantly there, yet he knew they James & Kristen were supposed to be there.. Obviously knowing somethings up, he wouldn’t want to alert his presence until he found out what the hell was going on.

  • Khy

    Here we go again. Just leave it be. Its been already 8 years and it doesn’t even need a sequel. I would love one but it’s definitely not worth all of this bullshit.

    • Braker

      Way past its expiration date. Just call it quits and let the first stand on its own.

  • kevinhorror

    I want to know more about this infamous test screening and original directors cut. I actually had no idea about either. I just know the unrated version on the dVD and i thought that was it. So the ending was brutal and went on forever? Is that why the test audience gave it low scores? What else was cut from the film? I LOVED this movie, one of my favorites ever. I’m kind of leery of them doing any sequel, much less one without Bryan Bertino but any would most likely detract from the original.

  • Foxenstein Must Be Destroyed

    if this movie gets made it will probably be a direct to dvd release.

    • Khy

      I’m surprised they were still trying to make it theatrical. Home video release is the only way I can realistically see this happening.

  • Braker

    Anyone think this was really going to happen?

  • Gluke

    Wait…. this is still a thing?
    Really though, I liked the first one and would probably go see the sequel. If it does get made then it’s going to have to try and stand by itself, since I doubt many people still remember the first one.

  • wehoaks

    Hey Brad: have you guys ever thought about hiring a fifth grader to proofread articles before you post them?

    • Khy

      lol But Brad is a fifth grader. Maybe a 6th grader?

      • wehoaks

        Good idea.

  • Tailor00

    I love this movie.

  • Stoibs
  • Darnell

    I enjoyed this movie but I didn’t think it really needed a sequel. A sequel to this movie just because of the premise will be nothing more than a rehash of the first movie with different people.

    So why remake that?

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Who is this remake for? Who’s asking for this?

  • Halloween_Vic

    Well that sucks, even after 8 years I still wanted a sequel. The first was pretty good, I was looking forward to their idea for the sequel.

  • ZigZagWave

    The first one came out 8 years ago. Too little, too late for a sequel now.

  • Ash Conlon

    This movies quite hit & miss with most people.. Albeit the whole ‘Just because’ type deal felt unsatisfying in someway, I think all in all it was a great movie! It’s realistic, it’s got the build-up and it’s didn’t need to rely on special effects to do the job. When I first knew it was based on true story (Before I watched it) I read that it was based on multiple stories, which if you ask me, made it lose that edge. But whatever, it’s 8 years old.. If they make a sequel I’ll be one of the first in line at my cinema to see it, if not, Meh.

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