‘Cave’ Trailer, Fun ‘Saw’ Desktop Gadget & ‘Jacket’ Clip

Apple.com has released a beautiful QuickTime version of the trailer for Sony Screen Gems’ upcoming The Cave, which can be viewed by clicking here. ‘The Cave’ hits theaters April 8th. In other tidbit news if you head on over to the official website for the DVD release of Lions Gate’s Saw, you can download a sweet “Saw Doll” that will drive you up the wall by laughing and riding his bike all over your computer! ‘Saw’ is now available on DVD. Finally, there’s an exclusive bootleg clip from Warner Independent’s The Jacket (review) over at iFilm. In the clip Adrian Brody gets tossed into the nuthouse in a clip fresh from the cutting room floor. ‘The Jacket’ hits select theaters on March 4th.

Source: Official Website, Apple.com