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‘Dead Island Definitive Collection’ Coming in May

So it’s official, then. The Dead Island franchise is coming back into our lives and it’s bringing with it the 16-bit side-scroller spin-off Retro Revenge. Both the original game and its pseudo-sequel Riptide are being remastered for this console generation in a collection that will also include all previously released DLC, though that’s not necessarily a selling point.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in the Definitive Collection:

– Supports 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second
– Textures have been re-done in higher resolution and quality
– Photo-realistic new lighting system
– Physically based shading Image quality enhancement via anti-aliasing
– Improved quality game models and geometry assets
– HBAO and motion blur effects
– Update game UI for Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide

At $39.99, the definitive Dead Island experience won’t break the bank when it arrives on May 31 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There’s more than enough content there to justify the budget price, and Retro Revenge — a “classic side-scrolling action/endless runner set in the Dead Island universe” — certainly sounds intriguing.

I had a good time hacking away at the undead hordes in the endless quest for epic loot and I might’ve even been interested in giving it another go had the series’ original creators not gone on to make an objectively superior open-world zombie game that recently got so, so, so much better.

I’m very interested in reading your thoughts on this. Will you be grabbing this, or are you too busy plowing your custom dune buggy through fields of zombies in the new-and-improved Dying Light?




  • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

    I’m so excited with this news. I absolutely love the Dead Island series. I’ll be getting this for sure.

  • I love the amount of rereleases and sequels that this series keeps getting. It was the biggest let down ever, please stop

    • TH3J4CK4L

      I wouldn’t say the first one was too much of a let down. It was interesting, The relentless content for it was really bad. Not to mention techland never did have a good character models or voice acting type of game. I think the only games they produced that were good was the call of Juarez games( the cartel was different. Some good storytelling mechanics, but a load of garbage.) I think they also worked on Dying light too. I do agree though that these games don’t warrant a re – release since its completely useless.

      • LoveAnimation

        The first Dead Island was a good and fun game and people are mostly hating on it because it was nothing at all like that trailer everybody loved so much.

        • TH3J4CK4L

          That’s what I agree with. The first ones decent. I just think the add ons felt pretty bleh. I can’t excuse the questionable models/ main story backbone or the voice acting,but the game still fills a good spot for me because I find it’s strong points come from the fact that the multiplayer aspect is really it’s strong point considering it heightens a game to tackle a zombie apocalypse with friends 🙂

        • I do agree the trailer was a huge reason for the disappointment but in general I found the game very dull and difficult to get in to. I know not everyone will have the same opinion but I am surprised they’re continuing the series after all I’ve heard since the first came out is negative

  • Mightygil

    definitely….when I go current gen. I personally enjoyed both games and am even enjoying Escape right now. That screen shot of the retro one looks promising 🙂

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