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‘Leatherface’: Lionsgate to Release ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Prequel

Stephen Dorff as Texas Ranger Hal Hartman, alongside co-star Finn Jones | via Millennium Films

I just posted our exclusive interview with Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, who just saw their Goonies/Stand By Me-esque slasher Among the Living released in the UK.

Another film Among the Living aesthetically feels like is Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which is ironic being that the French filmmaking duo are currently in post-production on its prequel, Leatherface.

While they couldn’t go into much detail on the film, which stars Stephen Dorff, Sam Strike, and James Bloor, they did say, “It’s a brutal and nihilistic road movie that we hope will surprise and delight the fans…”

They also revealed that Lionsgate has picked up distribution rights here in the States, which isn’t all that shocking considering they also released Texas Chainsaw 3D back in January of 2013.

The film centers around a violent teen who one day will become Leatherface. He escapes from a mental hospital with three other inmates (Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, James Bloor, Jessica Madsen), kidnaps a young nurse (played by Vanessa Grasse) and takes her on a road trip from hell. Along the way, they are pursued by an equally deranged lawman (Stephen Dorff) out for revenge.

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  • RidleyScott

    Brace yourself, fans hoping this will be a good entry. Oh ho ho, oh boy, that script, Lord have mercy on you all.

    • James

      Can it possibly be worse than the last 3D entry or the awful prequel?

      • wehoaks

        It possibly can be and most definitely is worse.

        • James

          That’s incredibly depressing

          • wehoaks

            All the latest franchise scripts have been terrible: Halloween Returns, Leatherface, Nick Antosca’s Friday the 13th script.

            I don’t think an of them truly get what those franchises are about. And the arrogance on display in the writing is out of this world in all 3 scripts.

          • RidleyScott

            Especially in Nick’s. Goodness.

          • wehoaks

            My god. Not only did that dude think he was curing cancer, he fucking put more thought into the damn film’s soundtrack than he did into story and character. Major self-sucking action going on there.

          • N1ghtmar3Freak

            Hey, would love to read the script. Where and how could I?

          • wehoaks

            Not sure. I got it from a source on the project but can’t share.

          • Creepshow

            “That sounds a wee-bit snobbish sir”.

          • wehoaks

            Phew. Was afraid it wouldn’t.

          • Creepshow

            Nope. You nailed it.
            A perfect 10!

          • James

            I’ve never known where to read scripts. I thought the script for Friday (set in the 80s) was supposed to be good? I heard Halloween is horrible which is truly crushing. I want a great Halloween sequel and it shouldn’t be that hard.

          • wehoaks

            The friday script was pretty bad.

          • Francesco Falciani

            so u read all of them…but which was the worst? i’m curious

          • wehoaks

            My opinion on which is worse changes almost daily haha. They are all soooooo bad.

          • Francesco Falciani

            did u read “RINGS” too?

          • wehoaks

            I did not.

          • Creepshow

            Back away from that ledge James. No need to fall into a full blown depression over a “dung heap” Chainsaw movie.

    • NixEclips

      The synopsis sounds bad enough (sounds like Devils Rejects with teens) but the tag line. Seriously. Again? We already saw him find his chainsaw. It was so dramatic. He got fired and saw it on the way out. Perfection, I say.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    This had better not suck, but if it does, well, more content for the internet to abuse.

  • Khy

    Big ole’ article of NOTHING. What’s the point in taking one article and then breaking it into three separate articles stating the same shit?

    “Lionsgate” releasing this is solo article worthy? That’s just like saying “OMGZZZ! PARAMOUNT WILL RELEASE FRIDAY!” “OMGZZZ” WARNER BROS WILL RELEASE THE CONJURING 2!!”

    Fucking idiot.

  • wehoaks


  • Frank Popp Jr.

    I’m down… It kind of sounds like the Devils Rejects version of a Chainsaw sequel… I may be the only one who admits to looking forward to nearly every sequel or remake of the big Horror franchises… I love the characters and despite what anyone says, no one can ruin the original…. because its already done and most likely part of your collection… ok, maybe – unless your George Lucas and decide to re-edit shoot new sequences and change your original movie.

    • Jason Miller

      I thought the origin story to tcm was tcm:THE BEGINNING but I guess not .it does sound like a rip off of the devils rejects.

      • Joe Murray

        That was the prequel to the remake of TCM

      • Javi Simon

        If I got it right, this prequel is connected to the original and 3D movie. Meanwhile, TCM The Beginning is linked to the 2003 remake.

        • Jason Miller

          True but the storyline fits better in my opinion then the one for leatherface

  • C.L.

    I hated Texas Chainsaw 3D (possibly the worst in the franchise) I want to have some form of expectations but I’m already counting my losses that this will be as bad or worse than Texas Chainsaw 3D

  • Demetra

    Is this like the 10th Texas Chainsaw based movie? Enough. They keep milking this franchise and Amityville’s even though they both died a long time ago

  • Blade

    ” Another film Among the Living aesthetically feels like is Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which is ironic being that the French filmmaking duo are currently in post-production on its prequel, Leatherface.” Well that is a good sign if its true.

    Though I just have a hard time imagining how a road movie is going to even feel like a proper prequel to Hooper’s original film…but I guess ill just have to wait and see myself lol

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I’m a big TCM/Leatherface fan, but this doesn’t interest me at all.

  • AriesSiren

    Can’t wait . Good directors

    • Javi Simon

      Agreed. As soon as I heard the duo behind “Inside” was on this, I was stoked! These guys will deliver.

  • Merlo1980

    No release date mentioned, no trailer dropped, no new info period. This is starting to sound more and more like it will be a Jan 2017 release date, but we’ll see……
    I will remain skeptical until I see a trailer that excites me! If the trailer drops and it reminds me of that last film they did, you can bet they won’t be getting my money in the theatre for this film!

  • Adam Paquette

    it better be better than the last one. “Do ya thing cuz” give me a break. That’s almost as bad as Predator teaming up with the humans in AVP

    • wehoaks

      Hate to break it to you…

  • AdamX

    Awesome, they’ve kind of retconned his story to hell at times but they’ve yet to really touch on what really got him from nice young lad to flesh wearing maniac.

  • Josh Delagrange

    I’ll be watching when it released.

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