Toy Fair 05: NECA Unleashes DONNIE DARKO and TALLMAN!!

I’ve been begging, on my hands and knees, for NECA to make figures from Richard Kelly’s sci-fi comic book tale Donnie Darko and now they have! Inside you’ll find the first ever image of Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko along with news on the other figures revealed in their Cult Classics Series II line, which includes the long awaited Tallman from the Phantasm franchise! So much for McFarlane doing anything for us in the past five years huh? I wish I was into sports figures. Read on for the goods…

Click here to see a full image of Frank the Bunny!!

NECA/REEL Toys is proud to announce our full lineup of the Cult Classics: Series 2 line of action figures. Set to be in stores this September, this line up is sure to make fans head’s turn. Boasting a cast of some first time characters and brand new sculpts, each figure will come with film accurate details, accessories, and their own base for display. Without further ado, here is the full lineup:

“Donnie Darko”- Frank The Bunny, featuring base and removable alternate head.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”- Leatherface, featuring base and chainsaw

“Phantasm”- The Tall Man, featuring base, “The Ball”, and 2 henchmen dwarves.

“New Nightmare”- Freddy Kreuger, featuring base and removable hat

Source: NECA