Toy Fair ’05: SOTA Madness! Now Playing & Lovecraft!!!

Besides NECA’s huge announcement (here) that they’d be bringing us a Donnie Darko figure and the Tallman, SOTA has us all buzzed about their Now Playing toyline and their Nightmares of Lovecraft line. Already having announced series 1 and II, at Toy Fair in New York this past weekend they revealed their third Now Playing line-up along with a special box set and their first Nightmares of Lovecraft series. Inside you’ll find images of R.J. MacReady from ‘The Thing’ in a box set with the alien dogs, Meg Mucklebones from ‘Legend,’ the Werewolf from ‘Dog Soldiers,’ Baron Harkonnen from ‘Dune’ and tons more!

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Now Playing Series I and II


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