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Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Star in ‘Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising’!

People really seem to like the sequel to Neighbors, which probably means a third is on the horizon.

It may seem too early to speculate, but stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron already have an idea: Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising.

But that’s not all, they’ve already shot a pitch video. Okay, okay, it’s a faux promo, but watching the two banter over killing an undead Delta Si brother is absolutely hilarious.

“When you’re brothers it’s forever; for life and beyond.”

I would rise from the dead to see this come to fruition…too bad it’s just a cross promotion for “Fear the Walking Dead,” which happens to be on the same night as Rogen’s “Preacher” (watch it, watch it, watch it, watch it).



  • I saw the sequel last weekend, it’s a good comedy, I laughed a lot but the first film is better.
    They will never put zombies in this comedy franchise, I think the 3rd movie will be about a gay or a stoner sorority/fraternity because we already had a male fraternity and a feminist sorority, lol.

    • gabriel

      I am wondering why Rogen would choose a project like preacher though.

  • alwayswipetwice

    Zombies. So hot right now.

    I just want This Is the End 2, where they’re at the red carpet premiere of This Is the End. And they need to get Efron and Dave Franco in it because they’re hilarious. They can knock Dave for only being famous because of James. And Efron will perform a bit from High School Musical while he’s fucked up, complete with Rogen dressed as Hudgens and others as the rest of the cast (who ever the fuck they are).

  • As long as Rose Bryne is in it i dont mind

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Count me in. Bring in a coked up Michael Cerra from This Is The End too just for shits.

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